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With decades of engineering and software development efforts, Pegasus Vertex, Inc. (PVI) has developed an extensive suite of drilling software to meet the challenges that operators and service companies face today in the oil and gas industry. PVI drilling software brings you the latest in technical advances in the form of both simplicity and superior usability. These software packages can be used for onshore and offshore operations, including vertical, directional or horizontal wells.

PVI also provides drilling engineering consulting services.

News and Highlights

CEMLife - Coming Soon | Events Thumbnail

CEMLife, Coming Soon
CEMLife analyzes the cement integrity when a well undergoes a dynamically changing of pressure and temperature.

PlugPRO Coming Soon | News Thumbnail

PlugPRO, Coming Soon
A cement plug placement model that calculates under-displacement volumes and optimizes fluid volumes to balance slurry and spacer levels after pull out of the hole (POOH).

CleanMax/CleanMax+ - Wellbore Cleanup Software Video | Thumbnail

CleanMax/CleanMax+ Video, Sept. 7, 2016
Here's a video recap of what our CleanMax software entails. It enables users to optimize their completion displacement operations.

DEPRO - Torque, Drag and Hydraulics | Thumbnail

DEPRO New Release, Sept. 6, 2016
This updated version of DEPRO allows riser booster pumps for deep water wells and swivel tool for slack-off and pick-up operations.