A Labor Agreement Or Contract

At the initiative of employers and/or at the initiative of workers or their representation, labour protection committees/committees are set up in organizations. They include representatives of employers, unions or other representations mandated by workers. The standard status of the safety committee and the labour committee is approved by the Federal Employment Committee. Part-time workers are paid in proportion to the hours worked, depending on their production or other conditions under the employment contracts. When the employment contract is concluded, the worker assumes responsibility for the performance of the work mentioned in the contract and not prohibited by law. The worker is a person who enters into the working relationship with the employer. The rules of the company`s labour regulations are defined by the employer taking into account the opinion of the representation of the workers in the organization. The collective agreement may also provide for other periods for the calculation of average wages if it does not degrade the situation of workers. When an employment contract is entered into, it must indicate its validity and the circumstances (reasons) to justify the conclusion of the employment contract for the respective duration of this code and other federal statutes. The employer must inform the worker of the internal work rules of a labour organization, other local legislation relevant to the worker`s professional activity and the terms of a collective agreement.

The lists of jobs and workers with which these contracts can be concluded as well as the standard forms for these contracts are approved according to the procedure established by the Government of the Russian Federation. Everyone has the same chance of achieving their labour rights. The law or other normative act containing labour law standards loses its validity because if the deadline is not met for reasons taking into account the situation, the Labour Dispute Board can restore the deadline and resolve the bulk of the dispute. The collective agreement may prescribe other categories of workers who may benefit from the preferential right to wealth, while they have the same qualifications and the same productivity rates as others.

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