Bmc Cloud Services Master Agreement

1.1 We provide you with the IPS services (the "Services") mentioned in your order in accordance with this Contract and your order. Unless otherwise stated in this Agreement or Order, you have the non-exclusive, global and limited right to use the Services during the period defined in your order, unless this has been terminated in accordance with that agreement or your order (the "period of service"). You can allow your users (as defined below) to use the Services for this purpose, and you are responsible for their compliance with this Contract and your order. 1.2 Service specialties describe and govern services. During the service period, we may update service and service specifications to reflect changes in laws, regulations, rules, technology, industry practices, system usage models and the availability of third-party content (as defined below). IPS updates for service or service specialties do not significantly reduce the level of performance, functionality, security or availability of services during the period of service you are ordering. 1.3 They must not incite or allow others to use the services to harass a person; Damage or rape of people or property publish material that is false, defamatory, unwelcome or obscene; violation of data protection rights; Promote bigotry, racism, hatred or evil; Send unsolicited mass emails, spam, spam or chain letters Infringing property rights Violating existing laws, regulations or regulations, or in some other way; (b) perform or disclose performance or vulnerability tests of services without prior written authorization from IPS, or to perform or disclose or divide network, port and service identification, vulnerability analysis, password cracking or RAS testing for remote access to services; or (c) use the services to jointly carry out the policy of acceptable use of cyber currency or cryptocurrency extraction (a) by (d) In addition to other rights we have in this agreement and in your order, we have the right to take corrective action in the event of a violation of the Authorized Use Directive, and such corrective measures may include the removal or deactivation of access to the material that violates the directive. 9.1 Services can allow you to link, transfer or access your third-party content or content to third-party websites, platforms, content, products, services and information ("Third Party Services"). IPS has no control and is not responsible for third-party services. You are solely responsible for complying with the terms of access and use of third-party services, and if IPS accesses or uses third-party services on your behalf to facilitate service delivery, you are solely responsible for ensuring that such access and use, including by passwords, login information or tokens, is delivered or made available to you by other means. , is authorized by the conditions of access and use for these services.

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