How Much Is Verizon Device Payment Agreement

Regardless of the carrier, customers need to be aware of the specific billing and price rules and the exceptions to the upgrade authorization. Below are these rules for Verizon payment options. Yes, yes. You get the value of the trade and you can use the balance for the purchase of your new device, to buy accessories or to pay your wireless verizon bill. However, you cannot use the exchange value to reduce the retail price of the new device. Once a customer has entered into a temperance contract for the devices, a one-time activation fee of $30 is charged when a new line has been activated. In addition, the upgrade fee is $30 when a new device has been added to an existing line. Monthly payments from the device are billed to the debtor`s invoice, and specific terms and payment amounts are available on the first invoice. A customer can pay the payments throughout the payment period or, if he is able to pay the total price of the device at any time. If you make an early upgrade of the device online, we will send you the new device with a shipping label for the old device.

If you need another return label, you can print a new one of your order history in My Verizon. Learn more on our "Return and Exchange Procedures" page. Or click the Chat button with us at the bottom right of this page to ask a customer service employee for a label. If you opt for the special verizon trade-in, you are trading with Apple Trade In in your authorized device. You will receive an instant credit for the own value of your device and additional billing credits are on your carrier`s monthly bill that starts in the 1-2 billing cycles after you activate your new iPhone. In general, it takes 2 to 3 weeks. But the sooner you send us your device, the sooner we can check its condition and process your trade-in. Verizon`s monthly tempe-to-weather payment program allows you to pay 0% DPR for devices (e.g.

smartphones. B, basic phones, tablets, smartwatches) over a given period with 0% DPR and no financing fees or 2-year customer agreements. Device Payment Program: Can a customer have a device payment contract without a Verizon wireless phone number? If a customer has unpaid accounts at Verizon Wireless, which have been separated for non-payment and referred to an external collection agency, full debt repayment will restore authorization. If an account has been blocked for default in the last 6 months, the bill must be paid in full for the next 6 months in order to qualify.

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