Nvcc Articulation Agreements

Explore transfer agreements by source or destination. Choose and follow you to save lessons, fees and time until you graduate. There are articulation agreements between individual community colleges and some schools or programs at the VCU. VCU has also entered into separate Memorandum of Understanding agreements with individual community colleges for reverse transfer, co-registration and VCU Honors College. Top 25 OUT transfer schools, ranked by number of agreements with VCU target schools, have guaranteed admission agreements with a number of institutions. These agreements define the conditions for admission guaranteed to the VCU by the conclusion of an associate diploma. The agreements are valid up to one year after the end of the program and do not guarantee admission to professional or specialized programs such as art, engineering or health sciences. For more information, see the state`s transmission policy. At NVCC, you can create your own path to a four-year degree and we`re here to help! Watch our transfer video to get started. If you are interested in a move from NVCC to another university or university, we help you: acquire information about transmission through personalized advice (e-mail us to set up an appointment), consider one of Connecticut State Colleges and transfer colleges transfer tickets consider the Guaranteed Admissions Program (GAP) and Dual Admissions Program (DAP). Watch transfer joints with other universities meet transfer consultants from other colleges and universities create a personalized way to earn a four-year degree.

We currently have signed contracts with the following universities: NVCC also has formal articulation agreements with many local universities. These agreements describe the courses a student should take at the NVCC and define the credits accepted by the university in order to make the transfer process as fluid as possible. NOVA has entrusted articulation agreements with many institutions. These agreements set the transfer conditions for NOVA students who are in related programs of study. They define how courses, programs or entire categories of programs are transferred to another institution and may include hospitality guarantees. Counsellors can provide students with more accurate information about how these agreements relate to individual transfer plans. In addition to cross-cutting accreditation agreements, VCU has a number of transfer partnership contracts with community universities. These agreements facilitate the smooth transfer of Funds from Community College to VCU Licensing Programs and the development of four years of card transfer.

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