Penetration Testing Agreement Example

Parties to the Agreement - The first part should highlight the personal data of all parties involved. It should clearly state the name, address and contact information of the recipient company, as well as those of the organization providing Pentesting services. The second clause should explain the obligations of each party, that is, the company that does the security test and the customer. For its part, the penetration tester agrees: the objective of the penetration testing service is to identify and report security vulnerabilities so that the customer can solve the problems as expected, which greatly increases the level of its security protection. The customer understands that Internet security is an ever-increasing and changing field and that the tests conducted by Password Crackers, Inc. do not mean that the customer site is immune to any form of attack. There are no 100% security tests and, for example, it is never possible to test vulnerabilities in unknown software or systems at the time of testing, or the mathematically complete set of all possible inputs/exits for each software component used. Other security breaches can, and often, come from internal sources whose access is not functional through system configuration and/or external access security issues. The supplier and the customer have passed on certain confidential information relating to each other, including specific documents, and may provide it from time to time. Each party accepts that it uses this confidential information for the sole purpose of the service and that it cannot disclose this information to third parties, expressly or indirectly, directly or indirectly. If disclosure to third parties by one party is essential with the agreement of the other party, that party will obtain, before that disclosure, duly binding agreements on the part of such a third party in order to preserve the information to be disclosed to the same extent as the parties. Do you run a company that offers penetration tests (Pentest)? If so, it is essential to have a De Pentest agreement every time you are dealing with a new customer.

This contract allows you to define the conditions and policies that your customers must follow. While the provider provides some it security and system security consulting and testing services, including penetration testing services, another point that should be clarified in this section is related to resource allocation. To be concrete, both parties should agree on how test materials/equipment are preserved and paid for. Similarly, the Treaty should take stock of what to do when resources are not fully utilized. For this reason, the customer can ask the service provider to sign a confidentiality agreement beforehand. This helps to ensure the privacy of all the information that the level of penetration encounters, whether intentionally or not. Calendar - Although this sounds like a small detail, it is important to set a precise schedule for penetration tests. But before you entrust your company`s most confidential information to an "unknown," you should have a contract. A penetration test agreement highlights all the necessary details that will allow you and the people who work for you to perform penetration tests. The provider expects the services offered to be completed within 7 days of launch.

Kick-off is defined as the first day the provider received full payment for all services as well as the original signed contracts. In the event that the services provided are continuous, the schedule applies only to the first appearance of other events to be scheduled individually and/or periodically.

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