Subject-Verb Agreement Violations

Coulson, S., King, J. W. and Kutas, M. (1998). Expect what is unexpected: brain reaction related to events to morphosytic lesions. long. Mr. Cogn. Process 13, 21-58. doi: 10.1080/016909998386582 In addition to the differences in latency between different modes of representation, the distribution of the scalp and the size of the P600 component reported in previous studies differ according to syntactic complexity.

For example, the difference between longer P600 effects (500-900 ms) is interpreted as a functional lesion with a centrĂ´moise distribution reported by Kos et al. (2010) and shorter P600 effects (500-700 ms) with a rear distribution reported by De Vincenzi et al. (2003). Differences in scalp distribution and component size are assumed to reflect the brain`s degree of involvement in syntactic reanalysis (e.g. B Osterhout et al., 2004). The degree of brain involvement during sentence processing was demonstrated by the degree of difficulty in syntactic integration (for example. B Kaan et al., 2000) or by the complexity of the syntactic structure involved (p.B Coulson et al., 1998; Nevins et al., 2007; O`Rourke and Van Petten, 2011). These results show that ERPs are ideal for identifying factors that modulate the treatment of S-V offences during sentence comprehension. However, they also point out that different methodological aspects of the experience influence the realization and interpretation of the erp components. Wicha, N. Y. Y., Moreno, E.M., and Kutas, M.

(2004). Anticipation of words and their sex: a study of the brain potential associated with the event on semantic integration, gender anticipation and correspondence in Spanish. J. Cogn. Neurosci. 16, 1272-1288. doi: 10.1162/0898929041920487 5-year-olds are able to detect offences committed during the treatment of the sentence. The waveforms for each of the four conditions are represented in Figures 6-9. After noticing a grammatical effect, we conducted MANOVA on the two significant time slots (130-210 ms and 350-590 ms) to test the interaction between grammaticality and the nature of the offence, The position of expression and ROI.

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