Better Software With Growing Clients

We have quite a few clients in Canada. Calgary, therefore, has become our frequent destination for trade shows, client visit and drilling software training.

Just shortly after we released new version of CEMPRO (mud displacement model), we had a chance to visit a few cementing companies in this energy center of Canada.

As you may know, almost all oil and service companies have offices in downtown Calgary where 10 x 10 blocks share the same zip code of T2P. This time, however, one of our clients’ manufacture facilities we visited is outside the city.

We demonstrated the new version of the software to this client, which brought them some happy noddings. Later, they gave us a tour of their facility including the big shops where cementing trucks are built. We were much impressed by what we saw. As a software company, we are used to dealing with complicated equations, coding and interfaces. But what we saw this time is a totally different world filled with items as small as nuts and bolts, and as big as 18-wheels of steel, and everything in between. I did not even ask if I could take a picture, but the image left in my mind will last long time.

Later, I did take a picture of their break room area.

Better software with growing clients Pegasus Vertex, Inc.

As I was wowing the 6 microwave ovens, the company representative mentioned me that there is same number of microwave units on the other side. You get the picture.

It is such a happy feeling to see our clients growing stronger and bigger. This particular client of ours is one of the first and faithful users of CEMPRO.

Looking at their state of art facility, we feel that we might have contributed something to their success.

Software development is a continuous improving process. As our clients are growing bigger and we earn more clients, they impose higher demands and expectations on our software. These external forces plus our own determination to deliver the first class drilling software create a positive output: better software and happy clients.

We are happy to grow with our clients.

Drilling Hydraulics Software Training in Bolivia

As part of the software sale to a service company in Bolivia, software training was conducted in Santa Cruz of Bolivia, the 2nd largest city in the country.

Being south of equator, it is summer in Bolivia. Hot and humid, the weather is similar to Houston’s a few months ago. I immediately got used to it, until I was woken up by big noise of birds this morning. You know what? They are parrots singing in the giant tree in front of my room. That was a pleasant surprise. Those birds would be very nice pets in Houston. Although I don’t speak their language, I knew they were very happy.


Our training was on drilling hydraulics (HYDPRO). We had a dozen of students ranging from seasoned mud engineers to newly graduates. The biggest challenge I faced was the communication: they speak more English than I do Spanish. None was sufficient to understand each other. We had a couple of engineers, educated in US, interpreting for everyone.

The teaching went smoother when I started to demo HYDPRO. HYDPRO does have an option to switch to Spanish, which means all captions including those in reports could be in Spanish. But even without using the local language, our students had fairly grip in understanding the program structure and logic flow.

I think their knowledge of drilling fluid, mud engineering and hydraulics helps them tremendously. And I also think we did a good job in interface design so that it breaks language barriers for our users whose native language is not English.

After all, drilling operations are similar across the world. We speak different languages, but we use API standard drill pipe, casing, and handful rheological models to describe fluid behavior. Our drilling software is a tool beyond boundaries, which can be used by drilling engineers in North America, South America, and any other continents.

One student in the training showed me a programmable scientific calculator, using which he had coded a remarkably drilling hydraulics program. Here is the picture of his “Hidraulica de perforacion”.


This is the picture of our HYDPRO training.


My first trip to Bolivia was fruitful. I am sure I will come back for business or vacation: my visa is valid for 5 years with the onetime fee of $125!