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Drilling Hydraulics Software (HYDPRO) Training

March 22, 2018 | 8AM - 5PM | PVI Conference Room, Houston, TX


The hydraulics training course includes fundamental hydraulics concepts, the calculation methods employed by HYDPRO, different analysis modes, and field data calibration of the model.
Drilling Hydraulics Software Training Syllabus (pdf)


  • Describe fundamental hydraulics concepts
  • Understand and explain the variables that affect pressure and ECD calculations
  • Understand and explain the variables that affect hole cleaning calculations
  • Describe the different analysis modes in HYDPRO and how to use them
  • Use the hydraulics calibration feature to look at the changes variables will make while drilling
  • Demonstrate the ability to recommend operational parameters:
    •         - Trip speed as it affects surge and swab
              - Flow rate as it affects hole cleaning
              - Nozzle sizes to optimize available hydraulic horsepower or jet impact force at the bit

Learning Level:

Beginner - Intermediate

Course Length:

1 Day

About the Instructor:

John McCormick has worked for several service companies, including five years at Weatherford in the Global Drilling Tools Unit where he was responsible for torque and drag reduction tools and five years at Halliburton as a Global Technical Advisor in the VersaFlex Expandable Liner Hanger sub product line. With 12 years of industry experience, John has run numerous hydraulics models for split flow with underreamers and other downhole tools.


$500 USD (1-month free HYDPRO included)

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