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Cementing Engineering Software Training

Jul. 19–21, 2017, Houston, TX


A successful cement job is one of the most important factors for the productive life of any well. Some of the challenges that oil and service companies face today include U-tubing, high ECD, loss of circulation and excessive pump pressure, temperature prediction, etc. These concerns can be best analyzed using computer models, which allow engineers to see the efforts of different design parameters prior to any job being performed. Using these models, potential problems can be identified and cementing designs can be tuned before pumping begins.

This course covers the engineering basics involved in cementing operations and utilizes software packages (CentraDesign, CEMPRO and CEMLife) to illustrate pre-job design and post-job analysis. You do not need to be a user to attend this training course, as temporary licenses will be provided to all attendees free of charge.
Cementing Engineering Software Training Syllabus (pdf)


  • Understand fluid properties and behavior
  • Describe Cementing Engineering challenges including U-tubing, high ECD, loss of circulation, etc.
  • Model the displacement of multiple fluids within a wellbore
  • Provide guidelines and a list of considerations in computer modeling and jobs
  • Understand displacement efficiency
  • Learn how to adjust operation parameters to optimize operations
  • Avoid job failures and increase success rate

Learning Level:

Beginner - Intermediate

Course Length:

3 Days

About the Instructor:

Gefei Liu is the founder and president of Pegasus Vertex, Inc., a drilling software company based in Houston, Texas. He received his BS degree from the University of Science and Technology of China in 1987 and an MS degree from the University of Texas in 1991.

Prior to founding Pegasus Vertex, Inc. in 2000, he was a Senior Research Engineer at Maurer Engineering. He has published several technical articles and one book on a variety of drilling engineering topics. In 2012, Mr. Liu was nominated for the SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) Drilling Engineering Award and has been active participant in SPE lunch-and-learn programs, often giving talks in Houston, Louisiana and Canada.

Mr. Liu can be reached at [email protected]


$1,500 USD (1-month free CEMPRO included)

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