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Drilling Mud Reporting Software Training

Dec. 5, 2018 | 8AM - 5PM | PVI Conference Room, Houston, TX


A mud engineer’s main focus should always consist in focusing on keeping mud in a desired condition and generating professional mud reports. Drilling fluids are a vital part of any drilling operation. It controls wellbore pressure, lubricates and cools the drill bit, carries the drill cuttings, and other essential functions. To fulfill these tasks, carefully chosen additives are incorporated into the mud to control its properties. In order to keep track of all these components, as well as maintain an organized data log, PVI has created one of the most sought-after tools, MUDPRO.

PVI's MUDPRO is a mud reporting software that complies with API specifications for field use. With an advanced database, this innovative and all-inclusive model significantly improves drilling fluid data gathering, sharing and management. MUDPRO is designed for both mud engineers at rig sites and engineering managers. A mud engineer may use this software to record mud data and generate daily reports. The goal of this course is to benefit mud engineers in order to review as well as manage data, make end-of-well recaps and compare multiple wells. This course provides engineers with the knowledge and tools for the most accurate and successful mud reporting.
Drilling Mud Reporting Software Training Syllabus (pdf)


  • Understand mud reporting software interface and workflow
  • Creating mud reports and inputting data efficiently
  • Read calculated results and identify potential problems
  • Customize mud reports
  • Learn how to manage well data using MUDPRO

Learning Level:

Beginner - Intermediate

Course Length:

1 Day

About the Instructor:

Yuan Yao is a project leader at Pegasus Vertex, Inc., a drilling software company based in Houston, Texas. He received his BS degree from Jilin University in 2006 and an MS degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2009. His expertise has led him to design and create MUDPRO, one of the most popular mud reporting software in the industry and considered to have one of the highest accuracy rates. Being the brains behind this incredibly useful mud reporting software, he is able to give attendees unique insight on what MUDPRO has to offer as well as tips on how to maximize software usage.


$500 USD + $41.25 tax = $541.25 USD/person
(complimentary MUDSheet and 10-day MUDPRO license included)

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