Even Rocks

One of Aesop’s famous fables tells of a thirsty crow that couldn’t find any water. Near death, the crow eventually, luckily, comes upon a pitcher.  Unfortunately, the water level in this pitcher is low, so low that the crow’s beak can’t reach the water at its current level. Suddenly, a thought comes to him, and he begins to drop pebbles into the pitcher. With each pebble, the water level rises, closer and closer to the thirsty bird.  Eventually, the water level rises to the point that the crow can quench his thirst.

Aesop, like any writer worth his salt, gave us a fable with a couple of lessons. The one written at the end of the fable is: “little by little does the trick.” But, one could also learn from this fable that ingenuity can lead in significant rewards.  Other readers might take with them the moral that persistence can be the key to survival. Aesop may have also unwittingly given us one of the earliest stories about the importance of tools – even if that tool is something as basic as a rock. Certainly the right tool’s function can spell survival—metaphorical and literal—when the stakes are highest.

The days in which pebbles might qualify as tools feel distant in today’s ever-quickening world. Today, you can pull up just about any fact in the world on a device that fits in the average blue-jean pocket. You can email someone around the world, or arrange to rent a car in Paris while waiting in a fast-food drive-thru in Texas. But, even in an increasingly sophisticated technological climate, simplicity and function are still worthy goals for any tool. And, we at Pegasus Vertex feel that our new drilling software achieves those goals fully. With the help of our software, companies can save time and money, all while making many elements of their operation easier and more efficient.

Technology is a driving force in today’s world. Each new day brings faster computers, better products. And, Apple isn’t the only business expected to produce newer, faster, cleaner versions of their product at rates that themselves seem to quicken. Drilling operators and service companies face the similarly demanding expectations from stock-holders. Business growth isn’t just an ideal. It is necessary for survival. After all, the business that can do things most efficiently is often the one that lives to see tomorrow. With this reality in mind, our valuable drilling software leads to a much more efficient business, which enables growth. With this software, one can identify potential problems, avoid down time, optimize operation capacity, and enable future technological breakthroughs for multiple types of drilling operations.

The software isn’t as simple as a rock, but it is close when it comes to user-friendly design.  The interfaces, though advanced, are easy to use.  Users don’t have to have any special training before operating effectively.  It provides helpful 3D visuals for planning, clear summaries, and analysis that can by generated in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats, and many more services.

Recent studies have shown that Aesop may have based his story on real-world visuals.  Recent studies have shown that rooks – birds that most lay civilians would call a crow— are in fact “able to solve complex problems using tools and can easily master the same technique demonstrated in Aesop's fable” (Aesop’s Fable: The Crow). [1]Our solutions too are rooted in reality.  Nowadays, our computer modeling is getting advanced every day. But, the ease with which users can generate those models continues to be easy.  And the results are so clearly worthwhile even a rook could appreciate them!

[1] www.Phys.org, Aesop's fable 'the crow and the pitcher' more fact than fiction.  (2009).

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