Tenancy Agreement Sharjah

The family-friendly Emirate of Sharjah is a popular choice for tenants in the UAE, due to its affordability and wide real estate choice. Indeed, many tenants choose to rent in Sharjah and work in Dubai, taking advantage of the drop in rents and the plethora of amenities that the city has to offer. Some of Sharjah`s most popular residential areas boast waterfront homes, parks, sports fields, food, pharmacies and nearby retail shops. However, many tenants are unaware of Sharjah`s important rent law. MyBayut thus shares essential rental rules, laws and rights in Sharjah, which every tenant should be aware of. Sharjah`s 2007 rental laws stipulate that landlords can only increase the rent after three years from the start of the lease. It is important to note that there is no cap for rent increases, when it should be compatible with similar real estate in the area. After the first increase, landlords can only increase the rent every two years. This is one of Sharjah`s rental rules that protect tenants from annual rent increases, but many residents of the emirate are unaware of the law. If experts process the attestation of your lease for you, you can save money compared to yourself. They significantly reduce the cost of document processing and document processing. If you make a mistake of one step in the certification process, it also means more effort for you.

An expert can help you avoid this. A tenant must read the lease before signing. It must include all agreed conditions.

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