Thirteen Days of Christmas

As the year 2012 comes to an end, the song the Twelve Days of Christmas is playing on the radio for the last time until next holiday season. The song reminds us of memorable events that happened at our company this year. If only we were composers instead of programmers, you could listen to it instead of reading about it.

This year our software suite has grown to thirteen programs so the Twelve Days of Christmas have now become thirteen! So in honor of that we have added, “Thirteen programmers thinking” to the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Each of our products has it’s own unique character, much like the items in the Christmas song. Each software program can both stand alone in its unique abilities to solve user’s problems and yet they work better in harmony with each other.



The highlight of the year was the introduction of the beta version of CEMLab. CEMLab is an integrated, searchable database for cement lab data management that generates test data sheets and lab reports without having to export data to another application.


We also released four updated versions of our software this year:


It wasn’t all work though. In March, PVI’s President, Gefei Liu, played his way to a 2nd place finish in both the tournament and mixed doubles at the Houston Oilman’s Tennis Tournament. We don’t know if his mixed doubles partners, including Bianca Posada – who had a strong tennis career at the University of Tulsa, were handicapped by Gefei’s play or not.

PVI attended oil industry conferences in Texas, California, and Calgary, Canada, and held a cementing software training course in Dubai in July – thank goodness for air conditioning!

2012_SPE_ATCE_PVI2012 Cementing Software Training from PVI






In August, a delegate from the University of Petroleum (China) came to our Houston offices to discuss partnering up on research and development.










In November, we wrapped the year with our annual company retreat at Artesian Lakes in nearby Cleveland, Texas. We use these retreats to refresh and renew our creative juices while enjoying a little nature. Everyone came back ready to take on new challenges and covered with mosquito bites.





We anticipate the year ahead to be one of growth and change. We plan to continue to offer great products and to expand on the capabilities of our current products. We want to provide a more useful and user friendly website – one we hope you will visit often just to see what is happening here.

The first thing you may have noticed is that we have added a blog that we started in late 2012. We would love your feedback on what topics you would like us to delve into, what questions we can answer about our software products, and what type of support or training you need to make 2013 more amazing than 2012.

We are excited about what’s coming and we hope you will join us on our journey. Have a great New Year from all of us to all of you.

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