Trade Facilitation Agreement About India

Export-import trade (EXIM) in the port of Cochin imposes on shipowners. At the WTO meeting on trade facilitation, the United States, Brazil and Colombia, which later joined Japan, argued that cross-border trade is a key channel to ensure that essential goods reach those who need them, especially at the time of the pandemic, and that the TFA can play a key role in ensuring that these goods are moved across borders. Countries stressed that they were not asking for WTO members to make new commitments, but only for the implementation of commitments to be accelerated, the official said. India has also established the National Committee for Trade Facilitation (NCTF), which is to play the role of a national body that could facilitate effective national coordination and implementation of the provisions of the TFA. This is essential to enable effective coordination between several laws and authorities that are trade issues such as the Livestock Importation Act, 1898, the Food Safety and Standards Act, the Land Ports Authority of India Act, 2010, etc. The TFA, which ended in 2013 at the WTO Ministerial Conference in Bali and has been in force since 2017, focuses on measures to accelerate the transport, provision and movement of goods, including goods in transit. Measures to ensure effective cooperation between Customs and other competent authorities in trade facilitation and customs compliance are also defined. Their success, however, will depend on the growing tide of trade protectoratism around the world and stronger voices against trade liberalization, such as US President Donald Trump. The agreement, ratified by 112 nations, more than two-thirds of all member states, will facilitate trade processes, reduce barriers to trade and improve the ability of developing countries to better care for member states. ]]> 8.2 If such an option is granted in accordance with paragraph 8.1 and the importer does not exercise it within a reasonable time, the competent authority may take further measures to treat such non-compliant products.

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