Uni Siegen Erasmus Learning Agreement

Application procedure: www.uni-siegen.de/isa/studieren_forschen_in_siegen/studium_mit_abschluss/index.html.en?lang=en Courses offered in English: www.uni-siegen.de/start/internationales/internationale_studiengaenge/int_graduiertenstudiengaenge.html.en?lang=en&lang=en Academic Calendar: www.uni-siegen.de/zsb/allgemeineberatung/studium/termine.html?lang=de Site: www.uni-siegen.de/start/index.html.en?lang=en Accommodation: www.uni-siegen.de/start/studium/studentisches_leben/wohnen.html.en?lang=en Identify the courses you will take in the course catalogue (PORTA) without registration: porta-system.uni-trier.de/qisserver/pages/cs/sys/portal/hisinoneStartPage.faces?chco=y Please note that courses for the winter semester will not be presented until the beginning of July. If you must enter into your apprenticeship contract before that date, please note the courses of the last winter semester as a reference. The course offer will be quite similar. _____________________________________________________________________________________You can view general information on the Erasmus website. For further questions, please contact: ISUe-Mail External Relations Office: erasmusplus@iliauni.edu.geTel. (995 322) 220009 (ext: 367) - The minimum requirement is B2. Preference will be given to applicants with internationally recognized certificates. ForestryAgrAgrAgrbiologyLandscape ArchitectureEarth sciencesBusiness Bachelor students must have completed at least two semesters in their studies until the beginning of their studies; Master`s students can participate from the first semester. As soon as possible! It gilded to take into account certain delays.

First, the deadline for submitting applications. You will know them on the home page or in person in the International Office. I am studying at the University of Siegen, where the deadline was mid-January for the winter semester and mid-June for the summer semester. Honestly, I was late for the winter semester, so I`m going to become a semester abroad this summer. You will find your courses from the University of Trier and complete the apprenticeship agreement Here you will find flows that illustrate the usual procedure under the Erasmus KA107 programme ("Key Action 107": Erasmus- mobilises with partner countries). As ECTS points are not displayed for individual courses in PORTA, you will also find more detailed information on the websites of the departments/themes. If necessary, you can also contact the ECTS coordinators for additional advice. A semester of work is 30 ECTS at the University of Trier, but you can decide for yourself how many courses you will take (if there are no rules from your home university!). During the first few weeks of the course, you have the opportunity to add and/or take courses (by completing the apprenticeship agreement - part 2). I had my choice of historian first at the University of Bologna, founded in 1088 and gilded as one of the oldest universities in the world.

But as in my field of study, there are only Italian courses that unfortunately has not been possible. My second choice was Palermo.

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