Violation Of Microsoft Services Agreement

Maybe today they should check the date stamp and the sender`s details so they can see who sent them and ban them instead. I sent a reply, but unfortunately I don`t expect an answer and Microsoft is too big to fight - the little guy still loses. "We also clarified that a violation of the Code of Conduct by the Xbox Services may result in suspensions or bans from participating in the Xbox Services, including the loss of content licenses, the Xbox Gold membership period, and the Microsoft account assets associated with the account." "We strive to provide our customers with safe experiences in using our services," a Microsoft spokesperson told Today, I sign up again to make another call, and it is said that my account was blocked due to a violation of the Microsoft Service Agreement. One could easily imagine a repressive government asking Microsoft to impose its illegal content conditions by automatically terminating the accounts of users who defend women`s rights in this country. Imagine a user posting a Word file created with Office 365 on Twitter and requesting resolution from Microsoft due to concerns about its privacy policy or market reach. With their twitter hand or Microsoft username, embedded in the Word file`s metadata, Microsoft was able to easily trace the document back to its author. Microsoft`s agreement certainly gives it the legal opportunity to interpret such statements as "detrimental to [its] services" and to terminate that user`s access to Office 365 and Microsoft accounts. Some users indicated that vague terms could leave the door open to all sorts of offenses that could put them in trouble. The Microsoft Service Agreement regulates the use of many of Microsoft`s products, including most Office 365 products, Skype, and the Microsoft account, which is used as the default sign-in account for new Windows 10 consumer installations. Much of the agreement is about the routine impenetrable legal language that defines all of these terms of use.

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