White House Non Disclosure Agreements

For example, when Cliff Sims, former director of information strategy at the White House, wrote a book called "Team of Vipers," Trump tweeted that Sims was "a low-level employee" who "signed a non-disclosure agreement." It`s a mess! As an employee of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), you may have had to sign a policy, form or confidentiality agreement (NDA) to access classified or other information. You should read the following statement as if it were included in every NDA you signed: Your lawyer said that the willingness of law firms like his to defend those who have signed confidentiality agreements could be a turning point to encourage people to speak out. For decades, Donald Trump has relied on non-disclosure agreements drafted in guttural terms as a powerful weapon against anyone who would say anything critical of him. Among those who have signed contracts are a star, two ex-wives, Candidates for The Apprentice, campaign staff and business partners. Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post reported last year that after requiring his campaign and transition staff to sign confidentiality agreements, the president imposed the same requirement on his team in the White House. Denson`s lawyer, David Bowles, said he and his legal colleagues hoped to win the lawsuit before Election Day, allowing hundreds of people who may have signed similar agreements to invalidate the contracts and encourage them to talk about Trump. The former White House official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations, said Trump "talked about secrecy all the time. He was talking about the power of these NDAs in the civilian world. He could never quite adapt to the fact that he couldn`t terrorize people with these NDAs. The official said he had never signed one and did not know anyone who had done so. About a year ago, when there were still occasional press briefings at the White House, a reporter asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders if officials on Donald Trump`s team were being asked to sign non-disclosure agreements. "There is an ethics agreement," she replied.

"Beyond that, I can`t go into more detail." A new complaint to the American Arbitration Association shows that the Trump campaign`s 2016 non-disclosure agreement (NDA) contains all the information that "Mr. Trump insists on remaining private or confidential" because it is confidential. The gag order to embarrass Trump lasted not only "for the duration of your service," but also "at any time thereafter." Since the 1980s, NDAs have expanded beyond these legitimate objectives. More and more employees are being asked to sign them – studies show that more than a third of the United States ...

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