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7 Tips to Streamline Mud Reporting

**This luncheon session has been cancelled**


In the past, mud engineers relied on pen and paper to record daily mud properties, product usage, and inventory. As times have changed, we have used technology to our advantage, creating tools that have solved a variety of issues such as disorganized reports and difficulty generating end-of-well recaps. At Pegasus Vertex, Inc. (PVI) we want you to optimize your time and get accurate results. Our software, MUDPRO, is a foolproof solution designed for both mud engineers at rig sites and engineer managers. Being the creators of this innovative and all-inclusive software, we have a list of seven tips for significantly improving drilling fluid data gathering, sharing, and management.

  • Employ a master database to manage product data
  • Copy wells and save time
  • MUDPRO and batch drilling operations
  • Handle price changes
  • Select flexible settings to make your report unique
  • Reports you might be missing
  • Customize your recap report
We believe these 7 tips are the foundation to successful mud reporting for you and your company. Therefore, we have created a complimentary Lunch and Learn session around these 7 principles. As attendees, not only will you get to interact and gain insight from the developers behind MUDPRO, but you’ll also be receiving a free 10-day license to use and familiarize yourself with this software. Catering will be served during this session. Space is limited so please RSVP at your earliest convenience.


PVI Headquarters, 6100 Corporate Dr., STE 448, Houston, TX, 77036


November 11, 2019

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