Film-Making: The Metaphor

When writing a script there is a picture in the film-maker’s head of how the scene would look like. But he can see a clearer picture of how the scene is going to be like after starting to shoot the scenes. Then he can manipulate the shots to make them look the best and make any necessary changes as well as try to stay true to the original concept. When he finally gets a scene translated into the timeline is when the real challenge starts. Which scenes are going to be used? What music best goes with each scene? What filter is the best for the image to fit the story? When making a film, no matter what type, the edition is the one part that will decide whether the film is going to be good or not. The film can have the best script and the best actors ever, but if the edition is not well done, the story of the film - the message is going to get lost and the audience is going to be focusing on the horrible edition instead of the actual story. The quality of the edition is everything.

Working with all these oil and gas software is kind of like making a film from scratch. Being in the oil and gas industry we know and understand the procedures of drilling a wellbore, but once the bit is miles and miles into the hole, what’s going on in there is completely invisible to our eyes. Therefore it is necessary to use well modern technology that allows engineers to see what’s going on inside the well, because no matter how clear the picture in your head is, the reality is a lot different. With drilling software you can make that picture in your head more vivid, you’d be able to see what’s going on as the well becomes deeper and deeper. With the help of graphs and 2D and 3D images you can make the changes that need to be made for a better performance that will save you a few headaches and lots of money.

We live in an imperfect world and unforeseen events can happen, but if you can have an actual image to help you follow the whole process, many things can be prevented. You have the answers and then you can really dig in. The whole long process is to have a better result at the end of each day and at the end of every drilling production. Every wellbore drilling is different just like every film production is different. That’s the fun of it, it’s never tedious. It’s something you look forward every day. You never know how the final work will turn out until it’s done, but as long as you have the image to guide you through the whole process you feel secured.

Just like editing a film, when putting together all the pieces, the film-maker starts feeling good about how everything is turning out to be the way he hoped for. Then when the music and sounds are added to the project, it goes up to a whole new level. The film-maker gets excited because the work is becoming a lot better than anticipated. Until at last the project is completely done and when he finally sees it, he can say that he is proud of the work he has achieved, thanks in large part to an excellent and very professional editor. The quality of drilling software is the quality of an excellent film editor.

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