December 21, Cement Your Knowledge of Cementing Jobs, by Gefei Liu


August 20, Face Time with New Graduates, by Gefei Liu


October 6, Small Business, Bit Impact, by Gefei Liu

September 21, Circulation Sub Series—4: Case Study Part II, by Gefei Liu

September 6, Circulation Sub Series—3: Case Study Part I, by Gefei Liu

August 30, Circulation Sub Series—2: Circulation Subs Uses in the Industry, by Gefei Liu and John McCormick


August 23, A Memento from the Past: Keep Calm and Carry On, by Gefei Liu

May 10, The Significance of Cleanups: What a difference it makes!, by Sandra Wang


December 22, A Small World in a Big Airplane, by Gefei Liu

December 15, How to Prevent a Flat Tire on the Way to the Airport, by Gefei Liu

September 29, PVI does not eat lunch alone, by Sandra Wang

September 22, Return to Square One: A Round Trip without Reaching the Destination, by Gefei Liu

September 15, How to Optimize Bridging Blend to Seal the Formation Surface (Part III), by Damon Lai

September 8, How to Optimize Bridging Blend to Seal the Formation Surface (Part II), by Damon Lai

September 1, How to Optimize Bridging Blend to Seal the Formation Surface (Part I), by Damon Lai

April 28, Issues and Their Consequences, by Freddie Ruiz

April 21, Eccentric Annulus in a Cement Job, by Gefei Liu

April 14, From the Designing, by Freddie Ruiz

April 7, Smart Solution, by Freddie Ruiz

March 31, In Just One Click, by Freddie Ruiz

March 24, The Managing of the Mud, by Freddie Ruiz

March 17, Step Two: Displacement, by Freddie Ruiz

March 10, Step One: Preparation, by Freddie Ruiz

March 3, Knowledge Is Power, by Freddie Ruiz

February 24, Prediction Technique, by Freddie Ruiz

February 19, The Value of Teamwork, by Freddie Ruiz

February 3, A New Drilling Engineering Toolbox App, by Freddie Ruiz

January 27, Calculation and Prediction, by Freddie Ruiz

January 26, Casing Wear Series—3: Prevention, by Gefei Liu

January 23, Casing Wear Series—2: Prediction, by Gefei Liu

January 22, Casing Wear Series—1: Causes, by Gefei Liu

January 21, Change and its Effects, by Freddie Ruiz

January 21, Casing Centralizer Series—5: Are We Using Too Many or Too Few?, by Gefei Liu

January 19, Casing Wear Series—4: Case Study, by Gefei Liu

January 16, Casing Wear Series—3: Modeling, by Gefei Liu

January 15, Casing Wear Series—2: Standoff, by Gefei Liu

January 13, Casing Wear Series—1: Types of Centralizers, by Gefei Liu

January 6, Inward Significance, by Freddie Ruiz


December 30, Ingenuity Requires Persistence, by Freddie Ruiz

December 23, The Art of Giving, by Freddie Ruiz

December 17, Writers Blog, Readers Digest, by Freddie Ruiz

December 9, The Vision of Innovation, by Freddie Ruiz

December 3, One Hundred Percent, by Freddie Ruiz

November 26, High Five, by Freddie Ruiz

November 19, Visual Thinking Equals Creativity, by Freddie Ruiz

November 11, Safety-Minded Pilot, by Freddie Ruiz

November 5, The Whole Package in a Small Package, by Freddie Ruiz

October 28, Knowledge and Diderot's Philosophy, by Freddie Ruiz

October 14, Complaints About Your Job? See This Then!, by Gefei Liu

October 1, We Wear The Watch We Make, by Gefei Liu

September 23, An Illustration and A Twisted Finger, by Freddie Ruiz

September 17, A Phrase of Being Stuck, by Freddie Ruiz

September 9, Like The Barriers on The Road, by Freddie Ruiz

September 2, The Risk of Not keeping Risks Under Control, by Freddie Ruiz

August 26, Looking For The Right Key, by Freddie Ruiz

August 19, Hot Game with Hot Model, by Gefei Liu

August 12, From The Pencil to Engineer Is Human, by Freddie Ruiz

August 5, Flying Among The Clouds, by Freddie Ruiz

July 22, The Work of Art Beneath It, by Freddie Ruiz

July 15, Two-Minded People, by Freddie Ruiz

July 8, Innovation: The Right Mindset, by Freddie Ruiz

July 1, Can You Afford Not To Usr Drilling Software?, by Gefei Liu

June 24, Feeling Good, by Gefei Liu

June 17, The Enthusiasm is Compelling, by Freddie Ruiz

June 10, Buried Jewelry: Casing Centralizers, by Gefei Liu

June 3, Attributes of Drilling Software, by Gefei Liu

May 27, Ancient Memorial and Software Report, by Gefei Liu

May 20, Mud ReportingL A Piece of Cake, by Gefei Liu

May 13, 5 Benefits of Drilling Software Training, by Gefei Liu

May 6, Prevention is Better than Cure, by Gefei Liu

April 29, Floating Egg, by Gefei Liu

April 22, Wooden Barrel Theory, by Gefei Liu

April 15, Imagination, Prediction and Reality, by Gefei Liu

April 8, A Season for Giving, by Jerry Murphy

April 1, Language War, No More, by Gefei Liu

March 25, This is Your Life, by Gefei Liu

March 18, Location, Location and Location, by Gefei Liu

March 11, The Toughest Event on the Planet, by Freddie Ruiz

March 4, The Best is Yet to Come, by Gefei Liu

February 25, Fear of the Unknown, by Freddie Ruiz

February 18, The Drilling Engineers' Version of the Johari's Window, by Gefei Liu

February 11, The Most Ancient Computer and the Latest Drilling Software, by Gefei Liu

February 4, Antique Store and OTC, by Gefei Liu

January 28, The Longest Distance Between Drilling Engineers, by Gefei Liu

January 21, As Smooth As A Crusie, by Gefei Liu

January 14, Horizontal Drilling and TADPRO, by PVI

January 7, New Year's Resolution, by Freddie Ruiz


December 31, Film-Making: The Metaphor, by Freddie Ruiz

December 24, Saving Time Using Drilling Software, by Gefei Liu

December 17, Measurement of Successful Drilling Software, by Gefei Liu

December 10, I Never Felt So Good When Taking Off My Shoes, by Gefei Liu

December 3, Drilling Software: See the Invisible, by Gefei Liu

November 26, Life's So Simple When You Are Organized, by Jerry Murphy

November 19, Drilling Software As A Renewing Process, by Gefei Liu

November 12, Better Software With Growing Clients, by Gefei Liu

November 5, "Sophisticated Yet Simple", by Freddie Ruiz

October 29, "All that is gold does not glitter" - Drilling Mud, by Cissy Zhao

October 22, Hakuna Matata With PVI Drilling Software, by Jerry Murphy

October 15, "If I die becuase of this, i'll be very mad!", by Gefei Liu

October 8, An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure, by Gefei Liu

October 1, People Should Fall in Love with Their Eyes Closed, by Gefei Liu

September 17, Drilling Software: Leap from Map to GPS, by Gefei Liu

September 10, Mud Reporting: ¥es, $ure!, by Gefei Liu

September 3, Naming of Drilling Software, by Gefei Liu

August 27, Getting Out of One's Comfort Zone, by Gefei Liu

August 20, Connecting Dots with Line Using Drilling Software, by Gefei Liu

August 13, Drilling Software Training in Snow, by Gefei Liu

August 6, What Is Common between Elevator and Drilling Software?, by Gefei Liu

July 30, Drilling Hydraulics Software Training in Bolivia, by Gefei Liu

July 23, Paper and E-reader vs. Book and HYDPRO, by Gefei Liu

July 16, Friction: Drilling Engineers' Friend and Foe, by Gefei Liu

July 9, Keep Drilling Software Easy - Really Easy, by Gefei Liu

July 2, Drilling Software: S Bridge between Research Efforts and Field Executions, by Gefei Liu

June 25, Drilling Software Is Like Movie, by Gefei Liu

June 18, Gym Going and Software Using, by Gefei Liu

June 11, Drilling Software Solves Puzzle, by Gefei Liu

June 4, Drilling Software: Your Hot Model, by Gefei Liu

May 28, Cloud Computing for Cementing Lab, by Gefei Liu

May 21, Art and Engineering of Drilling Software, by Gefei Liu

May 14, Playing Tennis and Drilling Well, by Gefei Liu

May 7, A Preview of Drilling Operation, by Gefei Liu

April 30, Tennis Match and Drilling Software, by Gefei Liu

April 23, Change of Plane, by Gefei Liu

April 16, More Keys to Drilling Engineering Problems, by Gefei Liu

April 9, What Can We Do in 3 Minutes?, by Gefei Liu

April 2, Present Yourself with Passion, by Gefei Liu

March 26, Sophisticated Yet Simple, by Gefei Liu

March 19, A New Definition of Insanity, by Gefei Liu

March 12, Don't be a Fool, Stay in School, by Gefei Liu

March 5, It's All Greek to Me, by PVI

February 26, Golf is Not My Cup of Tee, by PVI

February 19, A Little of Everything, by PVI

February 12, Shisha Time, by Gefei Liu

February 5, Above and Below the Surface, by PVI

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