Gym Going and Software Using

You probably just graduated from college. You have prepared yourself with knowledge and skills gained through years in school. And now, you are building up a career in petroleum industry.

You probably have been going to gym regularly, running on elliptical or crunching weights to make sure you look great, right? No doubt, a great physique is the foundation of success. It helps project a professional image of a young and energetic drilling engineer.

Unfortunately, this is only the 1st step to achieve your goal. You have a great vessel. Now it is time to put treasure of real world experience and know-how into it. They say: “Time is the best teacher.”, but this best teacher also kills all his students.

Fortunately, drilling engineering software such as PVI’s HYDPRO (drilling hydraulics) and TADPRO (torque and drag) can expedite your experience gaining process. You do need to go to field to obtain 1st hand experience. You can run tens or hundreds of drilling simulation using software in one day. Each simulation is a possible field observation. In short time, you mature in the drilling engineering area and you are still young!  You amplify your skill using software and you talk like seasoned engineers even though you look green.

Now, look at yourself in the mirror and you nod at yourself: “I am cool and ready to shake hand with world.”

Gym Going and Software Using

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