Tennis Match and Drilling Software

We just saw the curtain of 2013 Australian Open down. For 2 weeks, the year’s first Grand Slam showcased the top players from around the world. One of the most impressive matches is between Serbian Novak Djokovic, the world no. 1 and Swiss player Wawrinka, in quarterfinal. The match is a zig-zag, corner-to-corner grueling fight, which lasted more than 5 hours. At the end, Djokovic, cornered by Wawrinka’s deep and low shot, managed to pull the trigger and crafted a wide-angled passing shot. The score board froze at 12:10am in 5th set tiebreak: Novak earned a spot in semi-final. He eventually came out victorious and won the title.

For viewers like us, the longer the match, the more interesting the game. For players like Novak and Wawrinka, playing the heated match like that requires tremendous physical and mental strengths. Their strategy is probably not to play prolonged match unless necessary. It is sad that only one can be the winner, since tennis is a really popular sport and people play similar sports like badminton using great equipment like the best badminton rackets which are easy to get online.

Fortunately, not every one of us needs to fight like that. In our industry, we have developed a market place or system in which everyone is doing his/her job while depends others to support them. Everyone supports someone else and gets help from others.

Our business is developing advanced drilling software, which helps drilling engineers and managers to make informed technical decision, quickly and wisely. With the right software tools like HYDPRO (drilling hydraulics) and MUDPRO (mud reporting), engineers can spend less time in calculation or report, and more time on critical matters or just relax, knowing that the technical issues are taken care of.

MUDPRO, since its debut 3 years ago, has helped hundreds of mud engineers in their daily morning reporting. It takes less than 10 minutes to create daily report (if inventory is done), and creating end-of-well recap is instantaneously. Did I mention well comparison? It is just a click away.

When it comes to drilling software in general or MUDPRO for mud reporting, using PVI’s software is as easy as Game, Set and Match.


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