Sophisticated Yet Simple

While visiting Calgary, a colleague and I spotted a quaint 2-story red house in a forest of towering downtown concrete redwoods. It was so out of place, we were instantly drawn to it and crossed the street to investigate.

“It is a Rolex shop,” my colleague said.

We were intrigued so we decided to check it out.

My colleague’s excitement was evident as we entered the store. Everywhere you looked, there were arrays of Rolex watches, all mounted inside glass walled cabinets. Everything gleamed and sparkled. I felt like a kid in a candy shop. I marveled over the beautiful craftsmanship of the watches more than their prices. Actually, I tried not to think about the prices at all.

Were they too expensive? I don’t know. I never did much research on Swiss watches or compared various luxury brands to see what is or isn’t a good value. But I imagine time is more precious and valuable when it is told on a Rolex. I’m not sure I value time enough to pay $36K for the Yacht-Master II we found on the second floor of the shop though.

A Rolex watch is all about harmony, sophistication and simplicity of operation - three sides of the same coin, if you will. Some have transparent backs so you can see the tiny rotors and gears running around perpetually and perfectly. This phenomenally sophisticated machine is actually an amazingly simple concept – one gear moves another that moves the hands of the watch, all with only your body movement as the power source. It is the ultimate balance between aesthetics and practicality.

The watchmakers at Rolex have a tradition of designing fine watches – watches designed to create an experience, not just tell time. PVI’s drilling software packages are like Rolex watches too. Not only does our drilling software perform all the needed functions you expect, each also is designed to create the optimum user experience.

This is the formula for making the perfect chocolate chip pancakes.

This is the formula for making the perfect chocolate chip pancakes.

Drilling engineering calculations are complicated, but the design of the software doesn’t have to be. It is easy to make simple things complicated, but it is very difficult to make complicated things simple. It’s a dirty job we software developers are happy to do for you. Our goal: sophisticated yet simple drilling software.

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