Measurement of Successful Drilling Software

Being a food lover, I like to try different restaurants. A simple test to see if a restaurant is any good is to try their simple and inexpensive dish. For example, I would order a hot-and-sour soup from a Chinese restaurant. If the chef can transform simple ingredients like mushrooms, bamboo shoots, ginger, tofu to a deep and spicy marvel, then one can expect the taste and quality of the main dishes.

Similar methods can be applied to many products and services including drilling software.

To fully test a comprehensive software package is time consuming. For example, our casing wear prediction software CWPRO covers torque and drag model and casing wear accumulation for a given schedule of drilling operation. The theory part is sophisticated enough to write a PHD thesis. The graphical user interface makes the complicated prediction a very easy task. Thanks to the carefully designed navigation structure.

To evaluate CWPRO and find its user-friendliness probably takes a couple of days. But if you have a chance to use our simplest software Dr. DE – drilling engineering toolbox software, you will be amazed at how quickly those 180+ functions solve drilling problems in seconds.

It is like a good appetizer in a feast!

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