Fear of the Unknown

“I can’t believe what I just ate.” Those were my words when I had my last bite of … Jellyfish. I didn’t want to eat it at first, but I succumbed too quickly to peer pressure and I tried it, and before I knew it, I had eaten it all. That’s why I said the words at the beginning of the blog, because I would have never imagined that I would eat such a thing as jellyfish and I loved it.

As much as I love food, I have never been the kind of person that is into eating uncommon foods, especially the ones that were once alive. I guess it is all due to cultural ideas. In some cultures they eat anything and everything, while in other cultures they limit themselves to specific kinds of foods. Having the privilege to work with people from another culture has given me the opportunity to expand my limitations by trying out different kinds of foods, in this case, Jellyfish.

The problem with many of us in America is that when we see something we are not used to seeing or in this case, eating, we give it too much thought on whether or not we should try it and the majority of the time we simply decide not to try it. The reason: fear of the unknown. We simply feel safer trying what we know, what is common to us, but when facing a situation where we have to try something completely new to us, we hesitate because we are uncertain of the results.

In the beginning of this blog I mentioned that I got to eat the jellyfish due to succumbing to peer pressure. I was having lunch with my workmates and they kept on telling me that I should try it, that I shouldn’t say that I don’t like something if I haven’t tried it yet, and that made me realize that what they were saying was completely true. How can I assure that I will not like something if I haven’t even given myself the opportunity to at least try it? I was a little hesitant at first, but the result was that I ate the whole plate.

This is a lesson for everything in life, but in this case, it’s a lesson for drilling engineers. Technology has evolved in such an unimaginable way that drilling operations can have beyond compare results. Technology has given drilling engineers the opportunity to explore the unknown with cutting edge software that make their work easier in every possible way. This technology can be new to most engineers, but wouldn’t it be the best option for them once they give it a try? They might be a little hesitant, because since they have not tried it they might question the essence of such software, (the fear of the unknown) but the reality is: if they don’t try it, they won’t find out how incredible this software is.

Drilling Software of Pegasus Vertex

PVI is equipped with such an exquisite technology that once drilling engineers try it, they will not regret it, just like I don’t regret eating Jellyfish which is now one of my favorite dishes.

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