Mud Reporting: ¥es, $ure!

Dubai has many unique scenes, among which is advertising. This is the picture I took in the Dubai International Airport. It shows the flexibility of a Chinese bank, which can conduct business transactions in both ¥ (Chinese currency) and US dollar.

¥es, $ure of drilling software

Good advertising shares the following traits:

  • No need to explain
  • No need to think
  • Make viewers smile and remember

The “¥es and $ure” is short and accurate enough to leave a long lasting impression in my mind.

The ad reminds me of our MUDPRO (drilling mud reporting) software. Being drilling fluid reporting software, it keeps tracking mud additives inventory, cost and hydraulics and generates daily report. Once drilling is done, MUDPRO can generate end-of-well recap, which contains the history and total cost. One of the unique features of MUDPRO is that users can select different currencies, including ¥ and $.

¥es, $ure of MUDPRO

¥es, $ure of MUDPRO

From coding point of view, having a system of different currencies is not hard. The difficult part is to be considerate for users in the different parts of the world, even at small element like currency symbol.

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