We Wear The Watch We Make

I am not just one of our software developers; I am also a user and so is everyone else on our team. Our insatiable curiosity and passion about drilling engineering and problem solving are the driving force behind delivering our products. Our goal is to save drilling professionals’ time and reduce risks, and if we do it right, we also help ourselves – BONUS!

Software development, specially drilling software development, requires collaboration from a pool of talents, ranging from drilling engineers, mathematicians, programmers and quality control personnel. A good software package is measured not only by the accuracy or comprehensiveness, but also by how easy it is to use it. The gaps between users and developers are always there. We try to bridge that gap by utilizing our own software on our consulting projects.

Using our own software transforms us from developers to decision-makers. We become more sensitive to users’ needs and more careful in our interface design.

It is not always easy, but it is a lot of fun. From every interface design we put into the software, we toss aside dozens more. If we are complaining about the number of clicks to accomplish a task, then the users would too.

The results?

The software we use is the software we develop, in other words, we wear the watch we make.

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