More Keys to Drilling Engineering Problems

2013 SPE/IADC Drilling Conference and Exhibition were held in Amsterdam, where people speak several languages. One of the taxi drivers told me that he speaks 6.  I could not help wowing about the talents of his and other Dutch’s.

“Each language opens a door of opportunity.” I told him.

“Yes, I have a few keys to many doors.” He smiled.

Talking about languages, who does not secretly wish we speak another language fluently, to be able to communicate with local people, to work more efficiently, or just to show off our hidden talents.

Speaking multiple languages expands one’s horizon, increases one’s odd getting hired or promoted and making new friends. Business wise, the language capability helps obtain new customers.

Texas is a home to many Spanish speaking people and a gateway to Central and South America. To us drilling engineers, language barrier is somehow lessened because of the other common engineering “language” we speak: mechanical engineering, chemical or petroleum. However, nothing warms a heart more than a caring product which speaks his or her language. The products could be a movie, TV program, a book, or a software package.

That is one of the reasons that we choose Spanish as the first localization of our drilling software. Not only does our Spanish version win the heart of our clients in the region, but also it sheds lights to otherwise confusing areas of drilling engineering, enabling Spanish speaking engineers to make sound technical decisions.

Spanish version of TADPRO - torque and drag model

Spanish version of TADPRO - torque and drag model

Since then, our drilling software has learned to speak a few other tongues including Chinese, Russian, and Portuguese.

Similar to the language capabilities of that Dutch taxi driver, the localization of our software provides more solutions to drilling engineering problems.

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