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“When I need to know the meaning of a word or a term, I look it up in a dictionary or a glossary.”

William Safire (American Journalist and presidential speechwriter)

Glossary is an alphabetical list of terms peculiar to a field of knowledge with definitions or explanations and in the oil and gas industry there’s a vast array of terminology. In an era of everything digital it is even easier to search for words or terms when not understanding clearly their meaning. Right now with just one click on Google you can get all the information you need; however, it is necessary to know exactly where to look. You can narrow down your options and are more likely to get the definition you need when you go to a specific website with its own glossary.

Let’s take for example our website When visiting our page, go to the “Support & Resources” tab. At the bottom of the list you’ll find “Drilling Industry Glossary”.

There you will be able to search through an extensive list of drilling industry terms.

PVI Drilling_Industry_GlossaryIf you know the term you are looking for you can always go to the alphabet at the top and choose the letter the term starts with. If you don’t know the term you can scroll down and look through all the terms that are shown and click on the one you are looking for once you find it.

PVI Drilling_Industry_GlossaryWhen you search for a term, on the left side you will see a list of other terms that begin with the same letter as the word you were searching for.

PVI Drilling_Industry_Glossary One of the features included in this glossary is the PDF version of the entire PVI drilling industry glossary, which you can download to your own computer or print it out and have it available anytime you need it.

PVI Drilling_Industry_GlossarySince we are living in the digital era, we get to experience what it is to have access to knowledge in just one click. The opportunity is right in front of our eyes, so it’s vitally important that we seize it.

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