The Significance of Cleanups: What a difference it makes!

Picture this: a filthy driveway that has not been washed in months, covered in dead leaves, mud, and dirt. All those lifeless bits of wilted foliage and dirt have mixed resulting in gunk being stuck to the concrete driveway. So what do you do? Dig through your garage, pull out the pressure washer and get to work! Whether it is a dirty driveway or a wellbore, in order for all things to serve their purpose, we must make sure we are able to clean out the mess and residue, to get us through to our next step.

Successful well completions rely on a lot of factors. As mentioned before, one main aspect is maintaining a clean wellbore, free of debris or any other fluid residue that has been left behind due to the nature of drilling fluids. Whether it is a dirty driveway or a wellbore, the process of cleaning highly increases the chances for us to foresee what is to come next. Enter CleanMax, the next generation of wellbore cleanup.

Avoiding mishaps is quintessential for any project we take upon ourselves. When it comes to operations, failure to conduct wellbore cleanups could lead to potential failed completions, not to mention the high costs associated with it. It is essential that we not take risks when it comes to this and use the tools that we have at hand to accurately conduct successful wellbore cleanups and safer operations. One of our most recent software, CleanMax, does just that and more. We have created the go-to software that meets the needs for both service companies and operators, helping minimize spacer interfacing and reducing rig time, pill volumes, and filtration costs.

CleanMax - Wellbore Cleanup Software

We are all cognizant that drilling comes with its complexities. During this challenging time in our industry, we have had to make crucial decisions when it comes to getting the job done efficiently while keeping costs in mind.  At PVI, we know this all too well. “How?” you may ask, and the answer is pretty straightforward: because we are the ones who create the tools to turn this into a sophisticated, yet simple process (that’s our slogan!). We are your eyes when it comes to successful drilling completions!

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PVI does not eat lunch alone

As new studies shed light on organizations and communication practices within companies, we learn to carry-on a variety of exercises to improve what many would consider part of the work-socialization process. As a newcomer to Pegasus Vertex, I have appreciated the consistency that has been put in valuing interactions between co-workers, creating not only a more dynamic, but a more inclusive work environment as well. Last week, the PVI team embarked on what we like to call a “Lunch and Share” meeting. The name is pretty straight forward, here’s a hint: lunch and sharing were involved! But in all seriousness, the reason behind Lunch and Share was to get everyone out of their shells, to interact, or like our company president Gefei Liu would say, “It is a way to enhance ‘a meeting of the minds’ where we can establish a team mindset, a tandem. Sharing is gaining, just like giving is gaining, and we extend each other’s experiences by doing so.”

The results transcended our expectations; employees were more than willing to vocalize their thoughts and listen to what their peers had to say. We started off with a simple assignment to employees, which consisted of sharing what each person did during the summer. It is impressive how such a simple task of sharing one’s experiences can enhance group cohesiveness. Even in industries where one might not consider such activities necessary, one must reconsider in order to enrich interactions between co-workers.

Following this Lunch and Share session, we conducted a brief anonymous online survey to find out how PVI employees felt about Lunch and Share meetings. 100% of respondents communicated enjoying these meetings because they had the opportunity to share with their co-workers. Also, 96% of respondents enjoyed Lunch and Share and 25% believe we should have them more frequently. We were also very open to criticism, where 25% of respondents indicated adequate time limits for each presentation. We took this feedback and plan to tweak a few things in order to meet our employees’ expectations. It is through these types of open relationships with employees that we try to improve socialization skills in the work environment. It was a very effective way of efficiently communicating with one another, sharing our views, and learning with and about each other. This is indeed one of the greatest virtues of PVI, we work hard and give 100%, but we do not forget to engage in the basic needs of human interaction, especially among each other. The survey results reflect just that, and we believe that they have made an incredible difference.