What Can We Do in 3 Minutes?

There are millions of answers to this question. What I want to share with you is a story I learned in Dubai Museum.

At Dubai Creek in the early 20th century, pearl diving was a way to make a living. There were about 300 pearl diving dhows with over 7000 sailors on board. The divers made very deep dives, with only a nose clip, a leather finger protector, a basket made of rope, a stone weighing about 5kg to pull them down and a rope to pull them up again. About 50 dives were made a day, each about 3 minutes long.

There was hard life. The museum display board has the following description summarizing the story: “50 daily dips in the sea, with all their associated difficulties made the joy of returning home more precious than the pearls collected by the captain in his ornate.”


The 3-minute diving made me wonder what we can do in the same period of time.

Cementing engineers can finish a mud displacement operation in a few hours. However, preparing a cementing job takes much longer than that, from slurry design, computer modeling to equipment arrangement. We have developed CEMPRO (mud displacement model) to reduce the time spent on job design stage. With CEMPRO, a cementing engineer can finish a job simulation within 3 minutes if he or she has necessary input data in hand.

Computer simulators like CEMPRO have allowed far better understanding of the cementing job than was previously possible. Many potential problems can be identified prior to the job and appropriate modification can be made.


CEMPRO - Mud displacement model

Computer program such as PVI software have amplified our skill and time so we can finish more tasks, such as completing cementing job modeling in 3 minutes.