The Whole Package in a Small Package

The phrase “The Whole Package” is defined as:

  1. All the elements constituting a whole or occurring as a unit.
  2. Something or someone that possesses a full set of relevant characteristics.

This expression is often used to describe something that is of good choice; something that has everything that one needs for a specific matter or something that possesses all that one is searching for.

With all the advancements technology has achieved, it is marvelous how it keeps evolving in ways that are far beyond describable. Now you can have computer programs that can do multitasks; for instance, a software that possesses a full set of relevant characteristics for a specific need. It is literally getting the whole package in a small package.

The Whole Package in a Small Package

Let’s talk about one good example of this.

DEPRO, a software developed by PVI, is a complete torque, drag and hydraulics program that combines all the essential components of our TADPRO and HYDPRO software.

For torque and drag, this software eliminates and diminishes a lot of the risks in drilling, completion or any particular tool operations. It also performs comprehensive hydraulics calculations so that the downhole drilling hydraulic conditions can be examined, and potential problems can be identified in advance before field execution.

Among its many features DEPRO also includes:

  • Soft and stiff string models
  • Buckling criteria
  • Drilling, back reaming, rotating and tripping operations
  • Minimum WOB to buckle
  • Stress calculations
  • 2D/3D animations
  • Liner cementing job
  • Field data comparisons on torque, drag, ECD and SPP
  • Fixed flow rate analysis
  • Surge and swab
  • Hydraulics sensitivity analysis
DEPRO - Torque, Drag and Hydraulics

This is a good package for service companies and operators in which they can find everything that they need for their jobs to be done all in one place. In other words they can have the whole package in a small package.

5 Benefits of Drilling Software Training

These days software, in general, becomes more and more user-friendly, even as it gets more and more sophisticated. We, as users, also have more confidence in using software without being bothered to read manuals or attend training sessions. Our busy schedules do not allow us to attend software training.

The situation is the same for drilling software users. As drilling engineers, whether we work in oil companies or in service companies, we always have next wells to drill, meetings to attend and deadlines to meet. We are so busy focusing on output that sometimes we forget about taking the time to receive input and recharge ourselves.

Unlike MS Office, drilling engineering software is not general-purpose software. It requires more specific knowledge to obtain results and understand the meanings of those results. Drilling software training should always be the first step to effectively use a software.  Here are the reasons why software training is necessary:

1. Understand the engineering models

All drilling engineering software is based on certain mathematical and engineering models. Understanding these models behind the graphic user interfaces helps us acknowledge the limitations of the software as well as the capabilities.

2. Interpret data meaningfully

Drilling software needs input data such as survey, BHA, wellbore and mud properties to predict hook load, pump pressure and ECD, etc. Like other software, only meaningful input data can lead to meaningful output data. It is necessary for users to know what the required input data is and to explain the meanings of the output data and charts to their colleagues or clients.

3. Increase efficiency

Training helps potential users to see the big picture as well as the tricks and features of the software. Once users know more aspects of the drilling software, they can use the software more efficiently. For example, survey data is essential to describe the well path and calculate the torque, drag and hydraulics. Survey data can be in various formats, Excel, text or PDF. All of our software can import data from these formats. The survey import feature saves tremendous time, especially when importing survey data from a PDF file.

4. Gain confidence

Software training connects the users with the developers of the software. The 2-way communication helps the users understand the ideas and structures of the software. Once users understand the inside calculations, the software is no longer a black box to them. Training removes the mysterious veil of the software. Users become more confident on explaining the results to clients.

5. Guide and influence

The software development training also provides a platform for users to influence and even guide the software development. Users, involved in field operations, can give suggestions, which can enhance the functions. This leads to better versions and win-win situations for software vendors and users.

Ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius once said:

“I hear and I forget.

I see and I remember.

I do and I understand.”

How true this is to drilling software training.

“Sophisticated Yet Simple”

What is PVI Software is the question you may ask.
They're a different breed of programs that take on difficult tasks.
For years engineers have done the best they can to keep track of invisible things
but have gone insane trying to figure out what really goes on beneath.
First it was a piece of paper, then they got their hands on excel sheets
but a problem was still there for they couldn’t really tell if the bit was there still.
How to be certain of the exact end-of-well recap
Would they have to drill a bigger hole to send someone down to get the numbers right?
How many more resources will be wasted to get an efficient Cement Lab?
How to be sure if the wellbore will be secure at all times?
With the reservoir depth and downhole temperature change
even the best engineer can get one mayor headache.
Don’t waste your time imagining how much mud will be displaced.
Prehistoric times are long gone with the dinosaurs and cavemen.
In the early 20th century technology was considered magic.
In the 21st century technology is more real than reality.
That old method system is going down the wellbore,
drill right through it because you don’t need it anymore.
Here’s where PVI enters the game
to show all you peeps who’s the master at this.
Say goodbye to the pens,
say goodbye to loose papers,
PVI is a drilling software
That will save your neck, time and lots of money.
Download it in your computer without any fear
and you’ll make the best drilling operation ever.
From Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 or 8
The program will be running like a piece of cake.
With its many advanced features, colors and multilanguage
You can work with it in Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, English or Spanish.
Concerned about an oil spill, a blow out or loss of a well?
PVI can predict the location of the casing wear.
Made for torque, drag, hydraulics,
name the term and PVI does it.
With a 3D path view you’ll get deep into the sea
And you’ll follow the wellbore with no scuba diving kit.
Once you allow PVI do your drilling
Everybody will know you as the best
The adrenaline rush of doing an awesome job will get you all fired up.
You’re gonna get hooked like a gamer on a couch.
Get ready for a new experience you’ll learn well.
Once you get it in your system, there is just no escape.
From the ground to the top, from the sea to the land
giving it a try will make you achieve great success
and after all this you still wanna know why PVI is the tool for you?
‘cause its singularity is sophisticated yet simple to use.