Visual Thinking Equals Creativity

Logical and visual thinking are two different mental groups that affect the way we view things.

The logical thinking involves analysis, advancement from simple to complex, organization of information and continuous reasoning. This group is influenced by hearing and language and a perception of time.

In contrast, visual thinking involves synthesis, an intuitive comprehension of complex systems, coordinated processing of concepts, inductive reasoning from the whole aspect to the small aspects, use of imagination and generation of ideas by combining existing facts in new ways, in other words, creative thinking. This group is influenced by visualization and images and a perception of space.

For the visual thinking group, concepts are rapidly understood when presented with visuals. Once the spatial thinking group has an image of a concept and sees how the information fits with what they already know, their learning ability is permanent. It’s their best learning style. To them, images are their main motivation and it is how they experience success in their own way. With this in mind, here at Pegasus Vertex, Inc. we put a lot of effort into our software development to give our clients a sophisticated visual experience of what goes on below the ground and under the sea. We use diverse visualizations, such as schematics and graphs that provide a live feed of the operations.

Highly Visual | PVI Drilling Software

Visual thinking is one of our main focuses when creating the software.


Because visuals are a more effective way in understanding the goals of the project, whether it is mud reporting, drilling hydraulics, casing wear prediction, cementing jobs, wellbore trajectory, tubing movement or split flow analysis. With creativity we give our customers the software that fits their needs.

Highly Visual | Drilling Software - Pegasus Vertex, Inc.

Safety-Minded Pilot

Pilots who fly planes or any type of aircraft have a preflight inspection checklist consisting of more than 30 items. If the pilots do not carefully follow the checklist each time before take-off, they increase the possibility of a tragic accident. Do you know what type of pilot is specially urged to complete the checklist every time? It is the very experienced pilot! A seasoned pilot could easily skip some of the details thinking nothing is going to happen, but an experienced one takes this checklist very seriously.

Like a safety-minded pilot, service companies and drilling engineers make survey calculations that are fundamental and necessary to monitor and control wellbore trajectories. Initially, the oil and gas industry was concentrated on drilling vertical wells. The concept of inclination angle began when engineers realized that a drilled wellbore trajectory was not a plumb line. Then the concept of azimuth angle arose when they found out that a drilled trajectory can deviate from a vertical well. A wellbore trajectory is a continuous curve in space that bends and turns simultaneously.

The oil and gas industry has acknowledged the importance of survey calculation for more than 50 years and has extensively applied the research results in the field. Inclinometers can only give parameters from separate survey stations and cannot give the real profile of a wellbore trajectory. Therefore, a proper method of survey calculation must be on the basis of a 3D wellbore trajectory model. A software with the help of simple methods can be sufficiently accurate and precise for these types of well such as extended-reach wells and multi-target wells.

By combining the survey calculations with visualization technology, PVI has developed PathView (Well Path Visualization) which provides an interactive, true 3D view of single and multiple wells.PathView - Well Path Visualization Software

Some of the features included in PathView are:

  • True 3D-rendered wellpath visualization
  • Anti-collision calculation
  • Surface lease lines
  • Lithology
  • Up to 5000 rows of survey data
  • Plots specified wellbore range
  • Up to 10 sidetrack levels
  • Plots and prints detailed well profiles
  • Plan view, Section view, 3D view and Dogleg

Precautionary methods are an effective way for safety-minded pilots to buy time to reevaluate the flight conditions. Pilots, who understand their aircraft systems, follow standard operating procedures and use conservative risk management techniques, will diminish inconvenient situations from further becoming worse; just like the ability to see the well path in a 3D work space is essential for engineers to visualize the development plan, understand it and therefore, avoid well collisions.

Drilling Software Solves Puzzle

I once attended a Bible study, which focused on the book of Genesis. The teacher asked: “What is the most important piece of jigsaw puzzle?”  Students started to answer “The corner ones”, “One with straight edge”. After a pause, he slowly revealed “The most important piece of jigsaw is the box top.” We all smiled when he showed us a slide of a box of puzzle with puzzle image.

He further explained that the book of Genesis is the box top of the Bible. “Genesis maps out all the happenings of the entire Bible.” He said.

Many of us played with puzzles ourselves or with our children. The finished artwork bears no resemblance to the hundreds of pieces of colored cardboards in the box that initially greeted us. Although the individual elements remain the same, and do not reveal much information, the complete work allows us to see the whole picture.

In a similar manner, drilling engineers are constantly putting together the pieces of procedure, equipment, instrument readings from rig floor, and their own calculations. Our job is to fit them into the right places. This way, we can understand why certain drilling parameters change, why problems occur or what our observation mean.

The beauty of drilling software such as TADPRO (torque and drag) is its ability to put pieces of information including ROP, RPM and WOB all together to solve the puzzle. The integration of operation parameters, wellbore trajectory and advanced mathematics model produces more meaningful results.  Think of TADPRO as your box top!