Ancient Memorial and Software Report

The oldest written Chinese characters are on bronze ware, stones and mostly on bamboo or wood slips. The bamboo or wood slips allowed the Chinese to preserve their history, keep records and exchange knowledge, but one can only imagine how hard it would be to read one of these books.

The legend says that Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China, was very diligent in managing official businesses. He set a rule for himself that he would not go to bed until he finished reading 31kg (68lb) of bamboo slips of memorials submitted by subordinates. You can tell the amount of reading at that time was measured by weight. Back then, reading was a physical exercise as well as a brain exercise. By the way, Qin Shi Huang’s reading speed was amazing. By calculation, the memorials he read every day exceeded 300,000 words.

Later, plain silk joined the bamboo and wood slips as a material for writing and painting. Silk has advantages over the slips in that it was much lighter and could be cut into desired shapes and folded, as well as easy to be kept and carried. Due to its cost, silk was never as popular as the slips so it was later replaced by another miraculous invention: “the paper”, which we have been using till now.

One of many disadvantages of bamboo or wood slips is its excessive use of natural resources. The problem might not have been so severe at that time because the population was small and not many people read. Now, the environmental impact of paper is more significant than ever as paper becomes a cheap commodity due to highly mechanized harvesting of wood.

The next movement is to create a paperless society, which would not use paper to print texts, but would display texts on a computer screen or mobile devices.

For our drilling software users, going paperless does not have to mean they’d lose something. Digital content in the form of MS Word or PDF is not just greener but provides an unmatched convenience. This picture shows an MS Word report generated by CEMPRO, our mud displacement model.

Report from CEMPRO

Report from CEMPRO

Converting to a paperless practice brings many advantages such as saving on printing documents, photocopies and storage space, as well as easy email management and improved customer service. Remember that companies like Salesforce always remind us of how important and essential it is to take care of your customer service!

Today, it is tough to make great software because you have to make it environment friendly as well as user friendly.

The Best is Yet to Come

The following is told by an American lady:

“My grandmother always used to tell us, “keep your forks.” when the main dishes were being cleared from the table. It was my favorite part of dinner, because I knew that something wonderful was coming… like a velvety chocolate cake or a deep-dish apple pie.”

A similar expression would be “You have not seen anything yet.” or as my 8-year old daughter told me, “I am not done yet!” when I gave her an applause after she sang the song from the movie “Frozen”.

Life is a simple and normal routine. Everyone has the same number of hours in a day and the same number of days in a year. It is up to us to make our daily routines more interesting, to fill our time doing things that will make us grow in every aspect of our lives, to make the most of our time. We cherish the hope that our present situation is not our final destination. The best is yet to come.

For us software developers, we are continuously enhancing the drilling software that is being developed. We certainly can’t add more hours to our day, but we can make our development more efficient. We will probably spend the same amount of time as we did last year, but we will have better products in 2014.

The latest release of our cementing software CEMPRO+ is a milestone. Why? Because this is the first time we address the displacement efficiency during the multi-fluid displacement operations such as cementing or wellbore cleanup. Before CEMPRO+ we used to assume that the drilling mud was completely displaced by the cement slurry with the use of a piston. This convenient assumption makes the hydraulics relatively easy, but it fails to predict the mud channeling which occurs due to many factors such as, differences in the cement properties and mud flow rates, and the casing centralization. A typical illustration of mud channeling is shown here:

Mud channel left on the narrow side of the annulus

Mud channel left on the narrow side of the annulus (Macondo incident-Chief Counsel’s report, 2011)

CEMPRO+ can help predict the mud fractions in the annulus during a cementing job. The following picture is a snap shot from the program. It looks neat. Graphics are more significant, because they show what really happens in the wide and narrow sides of the annulus.

Displacement Efficiency Illustration in CEMPRO+

Displacement Efficiency Illustration in CEMPRO+

If our CEMPRO has been on your software menu, keep your forks, because the best is yet to come.

Better Software With Growing Clients

We have quite a few clients in Canada. Calgary, therefore, has become our frequent destination for trade shows, client visit and drilling software training.

Just shortly after we released new version of CEMPRO (mud displacement model), we had a chance to visit a few cementing companies in this energy center of Canada.

As you may know, almost all oil and service companies have offices in downtown Calgary where 10 x 10 blocks share the same zip code of T2P. This time, however, one of our clients’ manufacture facilities we visited is outside the city.

We demonstrated the new version of the software to this client, which brought them some happy noddings. Later, they gave us a tour of their facility including the big shops where cementing trucks are built. We were much impressed by what we saw. As a software company, we are used to dealing with complicated equations, coding and interfaces. But what we saw this time is a totally different world filled with items as small as nuts and bolts, and as big as 18-wheels of steel, and everything in between. I did not even ask if I could take a picture, but the image left in my mind will last long time.

Later, I did take a picture of their break room area.

Better software with growing clients Pegasus Vertex, Inc.

As I was wowing the 6 microwave ovens, the company representative mentioned me that there is same number of microwave units on the other side. You get the picture.

It is such a happy feeling to see our clients growing stronger and bigger. This particular client of ours is one of the first and faithful users of CEMPRO.

Looking at their state of art facility, we feel that we might have contributed something to their success.

Software development is a continuous improving process. As our clients are growing bigger and we earn more clients, they impose higher demands and expectations on our software. These external forces plus our own determination to deliver the first class drilling software create a positive output: better software and happy clients.

We are happy to grow with our clients.