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  • LCPRO - Lost Circulation Model, new release on January 2018

    PVI developed LCPRO, a software model that calculates the dynamic downhole hydraulics and temperature profiles when lost circulation occurs. Its advanced features include the flow of multiple fluids when treatment material is pumped.

  • Limited-time Christmas Promotion: 1-month Free MUDPRO License, Valid Through Jan. 15, 2018

    PVI would like to take this opportunity during the Holiday season to express our sincere gratitude for your loyalty. For a limited time, enjoy our 1-month free MUDPRO license with no obligation at all. To obtain this most sought-after drilling mud reporting software, please contact us today and mention our promo code XMAS17.

  • Case Study: Displacement Efficiency in Cementing - Numerical and Experimental Results

    This case study shows that both ANSYS and CEMPRO+ predict similar displacement efficiencies and their numerical simulation results are in good agreement with the experimental work.

  • Case Study: Surge and Swab Pressure Prediction - Field Validation

    This case study shows that a higher percentage of successful casing/liner runs, as indicated by the following case study, where closely matching results between SurgeMOD prediction and PWD measurement were found.

  • Case Study: Cement Stress - Modeling Results

    This case study compares CEMLife simulation results with published SPE results and leading edge finite element analysis (FEA) software.

  • Case Study: Displacement Efficiency - Validation with Cement Bond Log

    This case study shows that the CEMPRO+ displacement efficiency calculations showed the top of the desired cement concentration at the same height indicated on the cement bond log.

  • Case Study: Bottomhole Circulating Temperatures - Validation

    The comparison between CTEMP and a technical paper's presented experimental results shows that bottom hole and return temperatures calculated at both six and 24 hours matched within 3 deg F.

  • CleanMax Lite - Wellbore Cleanup App, new release on May 2017

    Successfully conducting a wellbore cleanup ensures hassle-free completions, reduces the risk of formation damage, and enhances well productivity. PVI has extracted most-used components from our advanced software, CleanMax, and created a handy mobile app CleanMax Lite to aid with wellbore cleanup operations. CleanMax Lite quickly and accurately calculates fluid volumes, contact times and creates 2D and 3D fluid displacement animations.

  • MUDPRO - Drilling Mud Reporting, version 4.0 released on March 2017

    PVI is pleased to announce the release of MUDPRO version 4.0. This updated version of MUDPRO features a new database structure which has significantly increased processing speeds. We have also added various editing functions within the Master Product Database. Additionally, all graphs in the Recap window have been upgraded and backup functions have been made more efficient as they take up less disk space.

  • CEMLife - Cement Stress, new release on January 2017

    PVI proudly introducing CEMLife - cement stress software. This software model analyzes the cement integrity when a well undergoes a dynamically changing of pressure and temperature. Not only does it predict cement sheath failures caused by compression, traction and micro-annulus, but also with its sensitivity analysis feature it performs calculation on the impact of 8 parameters to quickly achieve the slurry optimization.

  • CentraDesign Lite - Centralizer Placement App, new release on January 2017

    PVI is launching a free cementing visualization app called CentraDesign Lite, a condensed version of CentraDesign, our centralizer placement software. CentraDesign Lite includes bow spring and rigid centralizers and provides centralizer and casing databases. This app calculates one span of casing standoff and clearance using any combination of hole, pipe size and inclination angle. It also takes buoyancy and side force effect into consideration.

  • PlugPRO - Cement Plug Placement, new release on December 2016

    PVI is proud to announce the release PlugPRO, a cement plug placement model that calculates under-displacement volumes and optimizes fluid volumes to balance slurry and spacer levels after pull out of the hole (POOH). In addition, PlugPRO also models the displacement hydraulics of fluids.

  • DEPRO - Torque, Drag and Hydraulics, version 3.2 released on September 2016

    PVI is pleased to announce the release of DEPRO version 3.2. This updated version of DEPRO allows riser booster pumps for deep water wells and swivel tool for slack-off (SO) and pick-up (PU) operations.

  • HYDPRO - Drilling Hydraulics, version 5.3 released on August 2016

    PVI is pleased to announce the release of HYDPRO version 5.3. This updated version of HYDPRO allows the inclusion of riser booster pumps for deep water applications. It also allows users to plot formation patterns in the output graphs and includes the ability to specify roughness coefficients for each section of the string.

  • TADPRO - Torque and Drag, version 8.2 released on July 2016

    PVI is pleased to announce the release of TADPRO. This updated version of TADPRO handles swivel tool for SO and PU operations and also calculates the maximum POB and TOB before any tensile or torsional failures happen along the entire length of the string.

  • CEMPRO Lite - Cementing Visualization App, new released on June 2016

    PVI is launching a free cementing visualization app called CEMPRO Lite, a condensed version of CEMPRO that helps users quickly and accurately perform slurry volume calculations and facilitate the viewing of wellbore schematics with fluids. CEMPRO Lite helps create realistic casing/working strings in one session using a variety of different string combinations. With CEMPRO Lite users are also able to view wellbore schematics with fluids by specifying the fluid location or the pumping volume.

  • CleanMax+ - Advanced Wellbore Cleanup, version 2.1 released on May 2016

    PVI is proud to announce the release of CleanMax+, the advanced version of CleanMax. CleanMax+ is designed for deepwater operations involving displacements using the choke, kill, and boost lines. It predicts the temperature distributions in the wellbore by calculating the transient heat transfer between wellbore and sea water/rock formation.

  • CleanMax - Wellbore Cleanup, version 2.1 released on May 2016

    PVI is proud to announce the release of CleanMax, a wellbore cleanup software that enables both service companies and operators to optimize their completion displacement operations. It is designed to help minimize spacer interfacing and reduce rig time, pill volumes and filtration costs, ultimately resulting in safer operations and cleaner wellbores.

  • CDEx - Casing Design Expert, version 2.1 released on Apr. 2016

    PVI is proud to announce the release of a new casing design software called CDEx. CDEx uses an industry-accepted physics model that simulates complicated drilling circumstances to ensure accurate and practical calculations for successful drilling operations. Burst, collapse, tension, bending, buckling, compression and temperature effects are all integrated into CDEx to analyze casing string capabilities.

  • CentraDesign - Centralizer Placement version 7.0.7 released on Mar. 2016

    CentraDesign optimizes centralizer placement, predicts casing standoff and torque and drag for ERD or deviated wellbores. This upgraded version allows users to select "Specify location" for the centralzier placement and is able to conduct the sensitivity study for washout section.

  • CEMPRO+ - Mud Displacement, version 2.4 released on Feb. 2016

    PVI is pleased to announce the release of CEMPRO+ version 2.4. This version features torque and drag calculation, casing rotation and reciprocation in the simulation. It allows users to import fluid data from CEMLab – cement lab data management software. In this new version users also can access the side view of the annular fluids in the displacement efficiency window.

  • MUDPRO - Drilling Mud Reporting, version 3.3 released on Jan. 2016

    PVI is pleased to announce the release of MUDPRO version 3.3. The updated version of MUDPRO includes new features such as Russian language added, updated translation, faster exporting of cost summary reports, updated cost summary report, additional product units and updated WITSML reports for enhanced compatibility.