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With decades of engineering and software development efforts, Pegasus Vertex, Inc. (PVI) has developed an extensive suite of drilling software to meet the challenges that operators and service companies face today in the oil and gas industry. PVI drilling software brings you the latest in technical advances in the form of both simplicity and superior usability. These software packages can be used for onshore and offshore operations, including vertical, directional or horizontal wells.

PVI also provides training to drilling and completion engineers.

News and Highlights

Common Well Cementing Problems and Solutions

Common Well Drilling Problems and Solutions
This video identifies many of the most common drilling problems and discusses how to prevent them.

Common Well Cementing Problems | PVI Infographics

Common Well Cementing Problems
This infographic visualizes the most common obstacles we meet during the cementing process. Problems, causes, and solutions are covered anywhere from the formation to the shoe track.

Case Study
Case Study: Predictive Friction Factors for Frac Plug Drillouts

Predictive Friction Factors for Frac Plug Drillouts - Permian/Appalachia
A combination of three technologies applied when drilling out frac plugs in Permian and Appalachia horizontals are evaluated in this case study: HCUs, T&D software, and DAS.