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With decades of engineering and software programming expertise, Pegasus Vertex, Inc. (PVI) has designed an extensive range of drilling software programs to tackle the modern challenges encountered by operators and service companies in the oil and gas sector. PVI's software integrate state-of-the-art technical innovations, delivering simplicity and unparalleled usability. These drilling software solutions are designed to accommodate various types of drilling operations, including onshore and offshore ventures, covering vertical, directional, and horizontal wells, all while offering advanced modeling features.

PVI also provides training to drilling and completion engineers.

News and Highlights


PVI Acquired by LINQX Jun. 20, 2024
We are thrilled to announce that PVI has been acquired by LINQX, formerly known as StrataGen Inc. This acquisition opens endless possibilities for our combined company to assist customers throughout the full lifecycle of their operations. By joining forces, LINQX and PVI bring together engineering, drilling software expertise, and advanced digital solutions to tackle modern challenges in the oil and gas sector. Click here to learn more.

Pump-and-Pull Video

Mastering Plug Jobs in Cementing: The Latest Pump-and-Pull Technique Uncovered
This video delves into mastering plug jobs with the latest pump-and-pull methods.

Case Study
Case Study: Temperature Simulation - A Comparison with Logger Data

Temperature Simulation—A Comparison with Logger Data
This case study demonstrates CEMPRO+'s accuracy and reliability in predicting downhole cement temperatures during inner-string cementing, closely matching recorded data from two offshore wells and outperforming a competitor's simulator.