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Drilling Software

Pegasus Vertex, Inc. (PVI) software offers the latest technical advances in the drilling industry. PVI prides itself in offering simple yet sophisticated software to meet the demands and challenges of operators and service companies around the world.

Engineering Consulting

PVI provides engineering consulting services in different areas such as torque and drag analysis, drilling hydraulics, completion fluid displacement, conventional and foamed cementing, casing flotation, centralizer placement, and other drilling and completion operations.

Training School

PVI offers a range of courses catered to drilling and completion engineers. These classes take a hands-on approach on drilling software as well as developing industry leadership and supervisory skills. PVI training sessions can be accommodated around your company’s needs and schedules.

Lunch and Learn

PVI’s lunch and learn sessions are the perfect instance for users to familiarize themselves with PVI software. During these sessions, the experts behind the software shed light on new features and answer any questions users may have.

Cheat Sheet

PVI offers cheat sheets that contain the most essential information from engineering handbooks, SPE textbooks and IADC manuals. They are the must-have resources for engineer and technician to get job done accurately and efficiently.


PVI sells a range of books that are useful for our users. For a limited time, a complimentary 3-month Dr. DE leasing license will be included with any book purchases.