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PVI sells the following books. For a limited time, a complimentary 3-month Dr. DE leasing license will be included with any book purchases. Tax, shipping and handling cost will be applied. Contact order@pvisoftware.com for more information about book purchasing.

  • Applied Drilling Circulation Systems | PVI Drilling Engineering Books

    Applied Drilling Circulation Systems, 1st Edition - $90 **20 in stock**

    Hydraulics, Calculations and Models

    Boyun Guo, Gefei Liu, published by Elsevier, March 2011.

    This book provide users with the necessary analytical/numerical models to handle problems associated with the design and optimization of cost-effective drilling circulation systems. It also provides a clear and rigorous exposition of traditional and non-traditional circulation systems and equipment followed by self contained chapters concerning system modeling applications. Theories are illustrated by case studies based on the author’s real life experience. Drilling and production engineers who need to plan operations including pipe-tripping, running-in casing, and cementing will find this book very useful.

    Well Cementing | PVI Drilling Engineering Books

    Well Cementing, 2nd Edition - $198 **Out of stock**

    Erik B. Nelson and Dominique Guillot, published by Schlumberger, 2006.

    Cementing is arguably the most important operation performed on a well. Well cementing technology is an amalgam of many interdependent scientific and engineering disciplines which are essential to achieving the primary goal of well cementing - zonal isolation. This textbook is a comprehensive and up-to-date reference concerning the application of these disciplines to cementing a well. "Well Cementing" is envisioned as an upper-level university book, as well as a reference for practicing engineers and scientists.

    Well Cementing Book Screenshot Mentioned PVI Drilling Software Well Cementing Book Screenshot Mentioned PVI Drilling Software

    PVI's technical contributions on surge pressure prediction are featured in this book.

    Trouble-Free Drilling | PVI Bookstore

    Trouble-Free Drilling - $125 **14 in stock. Available in English, Chinese, Russian and Spanish**

    John Mitchell, published by Drilbert Engineering, Inc., 2003

    This 280-page reference manual containing over 200 full-color illustrations. This best-selling manual is one of the most comprehensive works available on the physics pertaining to the problem of stuck pipe. Written in an easy-to-understand, and entertaining format, Trouble-Free Drilling is an invaluable tool for rig-site supervisors, drillers, and drilling engineers.

    The Drilling Supervisors Guide to Understanding and Maintaining Drilling FLuids | PVI Bookstore

    The Drilling Supervisors Guide to Understanding and Maintaining Drilling Fluids - $125 **9 in stock**

    Dr. Kenneth L. Bridges, published by Drilbert Engineering, Inc., 2008

    This guide covers virtually every aspect involved in understanding and maintaining drilling fluids. It is intended to give the Drilling Supervisor and the on site Mud Engineer a thorough understanding of drilling mud. The book begins by giving a basic understanding of mud chemistry and polymer chemistry are covered in detail. Calculations for engineering and maintaining the mud are presented in a clear and simple format. The goal of the manual is to enable the rig site supervision to be able to understand and manage the drilling mud programs. Topics include: Functions of Drilling Fluids; Drilling Fluid Properties; Well Bore Stability; Drilling Fluid Components; Drilling Fluid Systems; Solids Control; and more!

    Rig Math | PVI Bookstore

    Rig Math - $90 **9 in stock**

    John Mitchell, published by Drilbert Engineering, Inc., 2011

    Rig Math presents an easy way to learn the math used in drilling. It is a highly visual approach that makes math extremely easy and intuitive. The reader will learn to reason his way through any well control problem without using complicated equations or a kill sheet. Rig Math covers the hierarchy of operations in equations, use of scientific calculators, multiplying fractions with words, conversion factors, elementary algebra and much more.

    Leadership from the Rig | PVI Bookstore

    Leadership from the Rig - $45 **10 in stock**

    John Mitchell, published by Drilbert Engineering, Inc.

    This book stresses the importance of influencing, and empowering others to influence, in order to have a successful team. It also discusses the power struggles that surface as people compete for the right to influence. Conflict management skills are presented as a means of strengthening the team through positive conflict. This book helps hard working rig hands make the shift from manual labor to the mental labor that is required of leaders.

    Underbalanced Operations | PVI Bookstore

    Underbalanced Operations - $70 **Only 1 in stock!**

    Patrick Brand, published by Society of Petroleum Engineers, 2002

    This reprint, which focuses on the best-practices applications of the technology, includes such topics as introduction to underbalanced operations; case histories; underbalanced operations other than drilling; well design; equipment and health, safety, and environment; and fluids and modeling. Included is an overview of the candidate-selection process and the design criteria used for underbalanced drilling operations. Additional topics include other applications for this technology, successful design implementation, fluid optimization, and multiphase-flow modeling and simulation.

    Fundamentals of Drilling Engineering | PVI Bookstore

    Fundamentals of Drilling Engineering - $190 **5 in stock**

    Robert F. Mitchell and Stefan Z. Miska, published by Society of Petroleum Engineers, 2011

    Fundamentals of Drilling Engineering, an update of the classic Applied Drilling Engineering (Textbook Series Vol. 2), takes a new look at the basics of drilling engineering. Chapters are written by experts from industry and academia and provide numerous example problems to reinforce the concepts presented. This book is essential for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as industry professionals trying to gain detailed knowledge of basic drilling concepts.

    Applied Drilling Engineering | PVI Bookstore

    Applied Drilling Engineering - $80 **5 in stock**

    A.T. Bourgoyne Jr, K.K. Millheim, M.E. Chenevert and F.S. Young Jr., published by Society of Petroleum Engineers, 1991

    An industry and academic standard, Applied Drilling Engineering presents engineering science fundamentals as well as examples of engineering applications involving those fundamentals. Two appendices are included, along with numerous examples. Answers are included for every end-of-chapter question.

    Advanced Drilling and Well Technology | PVI Bookstore

    Advanced Drilling and Well Technology - $240 **5 in stock**

    Bernt Aadnoy, Iain Cooper, Stefan Miska, Robert F. Mitchell, and Michael L. Payne, published by Society of Petroleum Engineers, 2009

    Advanced Drilling and Well Technology captures the vast developments that have occurred in well technology over the past several decades. The 10 chapters focus on applications related to many of the field-related challenges being faced today, such as deepwater and high-pressure/high-temperature wells, as well as emerging technologies like managed pressure drilling, expandable casing, coiled-tubing drilling, and multilateral wells.