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  • "Yes, the program SurgeMOD is getting pretty wide usage within our organization around the world.”
    - A major downhole tool company
  • “Evaluation results have shown that SurgeMOD could be more benefit for us and our customers.”
    - A major service company
  • “We use SurgeMOD to calculate surge pressure for auto-fill float equipment during tripping operation.”
    - A downhole tool company
  • “SurgeMOD predicts very accurate EMW due to casing tripping operations. The downhole EMW comparison with field PWD is less than 1%”
    - A major operator
  • “We compared CEMPRO with our Advantage Hydraulics software, the pump pressure difference is less than 4%. Bottomhole ECD difference is < 1%”
    - A major service company
  • “Results from CEMPRO are very close to our in-house numerical simulator and the interface design is better!”
    - A major US operator
  • “Best mud displacement software (CEMPRO) we have ever seen.”
    - A major wellbore clean up company
  • “We received word from ExxonMobil in Germany that our model matched the field results almost identically. Very good model (TADPRO).”
    - A major service company
  • “MUDPRO really helped our division get kicked off quickly. The program allowed us to use the technology needed to function as a mud company without having to create our own, in turn saving us time and money.”
    - A major drilling fluids service company
  • “Your T&D program has provided our company a tremendous amount of value over the years, and it has become a key part of our differentiated business offerings."
    - An API/Q2 registered technology and training company