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DEPRO is a comprehensive torque, drag and hydraulics program. Using this software, users can reduce many of the risks encountered in drilling and completion operations. DEPRO predicts the limits in the length of a horizontal well based on specific friction factors, recommends rig specifications, and evaluates the required weight to set a packer. For hydraulics, DEPRO covers downhole circulating pressures, surge and swab, equivalent circulation densities (ECD), bit optimization, hole cleaning, and volumetric displacements. Using DEPRO, downhole drilling hydraulic conditions can be fully examined and any potential problems can be identified prior to field execution.

If you are interested in both TADPRO and HYDPRO, then DEPRO is the package for you. It combines all the essential parts of both software programs.

  • Torque, drag and stress calculation
  • Soft and stiff string models
  • Drilling, back reaming, rotation off bottom, tripping in and tripping out operations
  • Sinusoidal and helical buckling prediction
  • Field data comparison on hookload and surface torque
  • Friction factor sensitivity analysis
  • Packer setting analysis
  • Casing flotation
  • Swivel tool
  • Oscillating vibration tool
  • Torque and drag calculation on cementing job
  • Hydraulics calculation: pressure, ECD, hole cleaning
  • Cuttings concentration
  • Surge and swab hydraulics calculation
  • Bit optimization
  • Hydraulics sensitivity analysis
  • Bingham plastic, power law or Herschel Buckley model
  • Field data comparison on ECD and SPP
  • 2D/3D animation
  • Graph customization
  • Survey import from Excel®, text or PDF® files
  • US oil field, SI and customized units
  • Microsoft Word® report
  • Multi-language: English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Portuguese
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  • Trouble-Free Drilling | PVI Bookstore

    Trouble-Free Drilling - $125

    John Mitchell, published by Drilbert Engineering, Inc., 2003

    This 280-page reference manual containing over 200 full-color illustrations. This best-selling manual is one of the most comprehensive works available on the physics pertaining to the problem of stuck pipe. Written in an easy-to-understand, and entertaining format, Trouble-Free Drilling is an invaluable tool for rig-site supervisors, drillers, and drilling engineers.
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    Fundamentals of Drilling Engineering | PVI Bookstore

    Fundamentals of Drilling Engineering - $190

    Robert F. Mitchell and Stefan Z. Miska, published by Society of Petroleum Engineers, 2011

    Fundamentals of Drilling Engineering, an update of the classic Applied Drilling Engineering (Textbook Series Vol. 2), takes a new look at the basics of drilling engineering. Chapters are written by experts from industry and academia and provide numerous example problems to reinforce the concepts presented. This book is essential for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as industry professionals trying to gain detailed knowledge of basic drilling concepts.

    Applied Drilling Engineering | PVI Bookstore

    Applied Drilling Engineering - $80

    A.T. Bourgoyne Jr, K.K. Millheim, M.E. Chenevert and F.S. Young Jr., published by Drilbert Engineering, Inc., 1991

    An industry and academic standard, Applied Drilling Engineering presents engineering science fundamentals as well as examples of engineering applications involving those fundamentals. Two appendices are included, along with numerous examples. Answers are included for every end-of-chapter question.

    Advanced Drilling and Well Technology | PVI Bookstore

    Advanced Drilling and Well Technology - $240

    Bernt Aadnoy, Iain Cooper, Stefan Miska, Robert F. Mitchell, and Michael L. Payne, published by Drilbert Engineering, Inc., 2009

    Advanced Drilling and Well Technology captures the vast developments that have occurred in well technology over the past several decades. The 10 chapters focus on applications related to many of the field-related challenges being faced today, such as deepwater and high-pressure/high-temperature wells, as well as emerging technologies like managed pressure drilling, expandable casing, coiled-tubing drilling, and multilateral wells.

  • Operating Systems

    • Microsoft Windows® 10 or above
  • Microsoft Office®

    • 2016 or above
  • Processor

    • Dual core processor, 1.4 GHz or higher. Not compatible with ARM processor
  • Memory

    • 4 GB RAM
  • Disk Space

    • 200 MB of free disk space for installation
  • Display

    • 1,280 x 768 display resolution
  • Installation Options

    • Setup file can be accessed from a download link or installation CD provided by PVI