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Established in 2000 as an engineering consulting and software company, Pegasus Vertex, Inc. (PVI) focuses on computer modeling for drilling and completion operations. Over the years, PVI has seen unprecedented growth from its origins leading to a globally-recognized organization in its industry. With over 20 diverse software packages, we are able to enhance and support our customer's drilling operations. Our software is not only used by leading operators and service companies, but is also used within academic institutions. Various universities and training institutions have acquired PVI’s software as educational tools and have used them to mold the engineering professionals of tomorrow. With a steadily growing customer base, we have earned a reputable name in the drilling engineering software and consulting scene.


We develop drilling engineering software solutions for drilling engineers in oil and gas industry worldwide to improve rates of drilling and completion operations. We will strive to be the best in customer satisfaction and maintain employees with the highest degree of professionalism and training in their fields.


To become a globally renowned drilling software company, with sophisticated yet simple products covering major drilling operations.

Customer Value Proposition (CVP):

PVI's drilling software provides you with sophisticated, yet simple technical solution. Equipped with PVI software, you can efficiently manage your operations, make technical decisions quickly and easily, save money and reduce risk.

Because PVI software is used by operators and service companies worldwide, PVI has enabled the use of these software packages in various languages. Some of the software packages are available in Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Portuguese. Due to our ability to customize our software, we are able to cater and provide tailored needs to each one of our clients based on their requirements.