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  • CEMLab - Cementing Lab Data Management System Version 4.6 Released on February 28, 2024

    This update brings improvements to efficiency and precision in cement lab management. With features like quick access to slurry formulations and the status of any test from any location, enhanced security with Azure Active Directory Integration, and optimized data read/write speed, managing your cement lab has never been easier. Explore new testing options such as Water Analysis to expand your testing capabilities.

  • CEMPRO+ - Cementing Job Model Version 5.9 Released on December 6, 2023

    With version 5.9.0, we are excited to present new capabilities that improve cementing simulations. This version includes post-cementing circulation for hydraulic and temperature calculations, allowing for forward and reverse circulation analysis. Notably, using heat of hydration allows for more accurate temperature estimates; the model allows for managed pressure cementing (MPC) with mud level management, and the addition of TFA at the annular exit improves pressure analysis.

  • SolidsPRO - Advanced Solids Control Reporting Model Version 2.0 Released on April 21, 2023

    SolidsPRO software simplifies solids control report generation and daily work recording, enhancing efficiency for technicians. It now includes the new recap function with detailed report, providing comprehensive and detailed reports for enhanced efficiency and analysis.

  • TMPRO - Tubing Movement Model Version 4.5 Released on April 4, 2023

    Our upgraded tubing movement model, TMPRO, has arrived with a host of new features. These include design factors of tubing, electric submersible pump (ESP), jet pump, and expansion joint. We have also added frictional pressure loss in the annulus, forward or reverse circulation, pick-up weight on hydraulically setting packer, and sinusoidal and helical buckling conditions.

  • CEMPRO+ - Cementing Job Model Version 5.7 Released on March 2, 2023

    Our integrated software CEMPRO+'s newly upgraded version now includes plug wipe efficiency for displacement efficiency calculation, static data and plots for torque and drag, and optimization of displacement efficiency plots. It is also now WPS compatible and includes job evaluation animation as well as an optimized 2D/3D wellbore schematic.

  • MUDPRO+ - Advanced Drilling Mud Reporting Model Version 4.0 Released on February 17, 2023

    MUDPRO+'s newly improved version now includes optimized recap plots and other bug fixes for a smoother running software.

  • MudManager Version 2.0 Released on January 20, 2023

    Newly upgraded, our online drilling fluid data management system MudManager now includes the ability to create legacy wells, upload existing recap reposts, and is compatible with MUDPRO+.