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Cementing Engineering Software Suite Training


A successful cement job is one of the most important factors for the productive life of any well. Some of the challenges that oil and service companies face today include U-tubing, high ECD, loss of circulation and excessive pump pressure, temperature prediction, etc. These concerns can be best analyzed using computer models, which allow engineers to see the efforts of different design parameters prior to any job being performed. Using these models, potential problems can be identified and cementing designs can be tuned before pumping begins.

This course covers the engineering basics involved in cementing operations and utilizes software packages (CEMPRO+, CentraDesign and CEMLife) to illustrate pre-job design and post-job analysis. You do not need to be a user to attend this training course, as temporary licenses will be provided to all attendees free of charge.


  • Understand fluid properties and behavior
  • Describe Cementing Engineering challenges including U-tubing, high ECD, loss of circulation, etc.
  • Model the displacement of multiple fluids within a wellbore
  • Provide guidelines and a list of considerations in computer modeling and jobs
  • Understand displacement efficiency
  • Learn how to adjust operation parameters to optimize operations
  • Avoid job failures and increase success rate

Learning Level:

Beginner - Intermediate

Course Length:

3 Days

Certification Program:

  • Training Certificate example

    A CEMPRO+ certification will be issued upon the completion of the training course. This certificate will differentiate you with skills and knowledge in well cementing job modeling. Earning this industry certification demonstrates to employers and perspective clients that you have the technical skills to maximize what CEMPRO+ can do.

    Benefits of having a CEMPRO+ certification:

    • Earn an industry-recognized credential that helps prove your skill level and project a more professional image for your employer.
    • Develop your skills with sample projects and exercises that emphasize real-world applications.
    • Accelerate your professional development and enhance your credibility and career success.

About the Instructors:

John McCormick has worked for several service companies, including five years at Weatherford in the Global Drilling Tools Unit where he was responsible for torque and drag reduction tools and five years at Halliburton as a Global Technical Advisor in the VersaFlex Expandable Liner Hanger sub product line. He has had 13 years of involvement with cementing software modeling from working with liner hangers and through consulting and numerical analysis with cementing software at PVI.


$2,100 USD (complimentary CEMSheet and 10 days free CEMPRO+ license included)


Date Agenda
August 14 - 16, 2024 Download PDF Register for August 2024 Cementing Software Suite Training
November 13 - 15, 2024 Download PDF Register for November 2024 Cementing Software Suite Training

These classes might get cancelled if they are not filled with a minimum of two students. Please check with your account rep before purchasing non-refundable flights or lodging. By submitting the registration form, you agree to pay the above amount and agree to our cancellation policy and minimum attendee policy.