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Quick Support

PVI provides remote technical support service to our current U&M(Technical Support, Upgrade and Maintenance Plan) customers. Our technical support team will use TeamViewer to log into the customer's computer to solve the problem.

1. About Teamviewer

Click to Download TeamViewer Software

TeamViewer is a safe third-party software used by PVI's technical support team to set up a remote help session. Click here to download the executable file.

2. How to receive the Quick Support

Download TeamViewer in your computer. Once downloaded, the users can run the program. Users will see a window that contains an ID number and a password. The ID number is specifically for your computer, and the password is generated each time you launch the program. Provide our technical support team the ID number and password to begin the TeamViewer session.

Screenshot: How to provide us your ID and password to start the remote session | PVI Technical Support