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Cementing Job Model (CEMPRO+) Quick Start Video:

$39.99/24-hr streaming

This video covers the engineering basics in cementing operations, and helps user to make informed decisions regarding the fluid placement. An experienced instructor will describes how to use information from our CEMPRO+ software in your presentation.

Cement Plug Placement Model (PlugPRO) Quick Start Video:

$29.99/24-hr streaming

In this video, we will encompass a guide to using every aspect of our PlugPRO software. User will be able to learn how to optimize the pumping schedule to minimize contamination within the cement slurry and spacer once the work string is pulled out of hole.

Cloud-Based Cement Lab Data Management Web Application (CEMLab) Quick Start Video:

$29.99/24-hr streaming

This video goes in depth on how to use CEMLab to streamline cement lab operations. We will discuss how to formulate slurry, calculate lab amount for all ingredients, generate weigh-up sheets, store API test results, generate lab reports and more.

Cement Stress Model (CEMLife) Quick Start Video:

$19.99/24-hr streaming

This video shows user how to use CEMLife to analyzes 3 types of failure modes (traction, compression, micro-annulus) under various temperature conditions and pressure changes. We will also talk about how to quickly achieve the slurry optimization with its sensitivity analysis feature.

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