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Drilling Industry Glossary

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Concentration for cement or spacer additives. There are only 2 kinds of additives: liquid or solid.

  1. Cement additives:

      For liquid, there are 2 units: (gps), (gphs)

    • (gps) - gallon per sack of cement
    • (gphs) - gallon per hundred sacks of cement

      For solid, there are 4 units: (% bwoc), (lb/sk), (lb/gal), (% bwow)

    • (% bwoc) - weight percent (by the weight of cement)
    • (lb/sk) - pound per sack of cement
    • (lb/gal) - pound per gallon of water in the mixture, not the cement slurry
    • (% bwow) - weight percent (by the weight of water)
  2. Spacer additives:
    • For liquid, there is 1 unit: (gpb) - gallon per barrel
    • For solid, there is 1 unit: (ppb) - pound per barrel

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